Pack 4 Activation for Smart-Clip2

Pack 4 activation for Smart-Clip2

Pack 4 activation for Smart-Clip2 enables service features for the latest Qualcomm Hexagon smartphones.

This pack can be activated only if you have Smart-Clip2 Basic Set and if you have Pack 2 enabled.

USD 69

Supported platforms

Direct unlock
Get Unlock Codes
Repair IMEI
Unlock Bootloader
FRP remove

Supported Models

Attention! To fulfill operations with the models from the list you need to activate one or several packs at once. Press on the required model to see more information.

Orange (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:Hi 4G Novi Rono SoshPhone 4G

SFR (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:StarXtrem

Vodafone (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:Smart 4 max Smart Tab II 10 Smart ultra 6 VDF-995N VFD 600 Vodafone Smart Prime 7

Megafon (ADB Mode) Supported Models

Broadcom:Login SP-A1

Micromax (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:Canvas Pace 4G Q415

Vtelca (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:Victoria 2