First Steps

Quick start with Smart-Clip2

To get started with Smart-Clip2 please follow these 2 easy steps: connect and activate.

  1. Connect Smart-Clip2 to PC USB port
  2. Perform first Card/Box update:

After performing these steps you can use the software

Smart-Clip2 Activation/Update Procedure

  1. Install Smart-Clip2 Software
  2. Install card reader drivers (also available at your local PC in the Program Files\GsmServer\Smart-Clip2 updater\drivers\ folder)
  3. Connect* Smart-Clip2 to PC
  4. Launch Smart-Clip2 software
  5. Go to "Smart-Clip2" bookmark
  6. Press "Update S-Card firmware" button and perform update procedure
  7. Message "Processing..." informs that update procedure is in progress
  8. After the operation is completed, Smart-Clip2 will be updated and ready for work

* Smart-Clip2: connect the box directly to the motherboard USB port, avoiding USB HUB connection using USB A to B cable (that is in the box package).

Use Flash File Area

In order to download files from Boot-Loader v2.0 portal, you have to perform these few easy steps after Smart-Clip2 registration:

  1. Download and install Boot-Loader Download Manager
  2. Connect Smart-Clip2 to PC (depending on the device you have)
  3. Launch Boot-Loader Download Manager. When prompted, enter your Boot-Loader v2.0 login and password.
    If download manager is already open, select Settings: Devices in the top menu
  4. Download manager will scan connected devices and pop-up a dialog box
  5. Follow Register link to register your device.
    If device is already registered, click Next button
  6. Go to My Account: Device Accounts section to check your device's status and download allowance
    If you're allowed, you can follow to Smart-Clip2 category and start downloading files

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