Pack 6 Activation for Smart-Clip2

Pack 6 activation for Smart-Clip2

Smart-Clip2 Pack 6 Activation is a unique solution allowing you to Repair IMEI on the latest Huawei phones.


  • No risk of phone damage during the repair process
  • No need to reflash or reset the phone after each repair operation
  • No data lost after IMEI repair operation
  • Fast one click solution with unlimited operations
  • All Android OS and security versions supported
  • IMEI stays repaired even after MASTER Reset operation has been completed
  • Support of smartphones with UFS flash memory type

Note! All Smart-Clip2 users with Smart-Clip2 Pack 6 Activated will get access to all future updates introduced to this pack.

USD 49

Supported Models

Attention! To fulfill operations with the models from the list you need to activate one or several packs at once. Press on the required model to see more information.

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