Pack 2 Activation for Smart-Clip2

Pack 2 activation for Smart-Clip2

Pack 2 activation for Smart-Clip2 enables servicing for supported Qualcomm-based Acer, Alcatel, ZTE, Huawei, Sony phones/smartphones and Hi-Silicon based Huawei devices.

Additional features:

Move up to the next level of cell phone service: with Pack 2 enabled you can activate Pack 3 to work with a wide range of the latest Motorola Android smartphones.

This pack can be activated only if you have Smart-Clip2 Basic Set.

USD 69

Supported platforms

Direct unlock
Locked bootloader
Repair security area
Read all types of codes
Read phone code
Repair IMEI
Unlock code calculation by IMEI
Enable Diagnostic port
Write firmware
Direct unlock
Repair IMEI
Repair Security Area
Backup and Restore NV file
Wrong Code Counter Reset
Supported CPUs:
Sidewinder method for servicing Huawei HiSilicon Balong devices
Provider (Vendor/Country) repair
Huawei ID remove

Supported Models

Attention! To fulfill operations with the models from the list you need to activate one or several packs at once. Press on the required model to see more information.

Huawei (HiSilicon) Supported Models

KIRIN 710 810 980 990 9905G:AGS3-AL00 ANA-AN00 ANA-L04 ANA-L24 ANA-N24 ANA-N29 ANA-NX9 ANA-TN00 AQM-L21A AQM-TL10 ART-L28 BAH3-L09 EBG-AN00 EBG-AN10 EBG-TN00 EBG-TN10 ELS-AN00 ELS-N04 ELS-NX9 ELS-TN00 LIO-AL00 LIO-AN00 LIO-L09 LIO-L29 LIO-N29 LIO-TL00 LIO-TN00 MAR-L22 MRX-AL09 MRX-AL19 MRX-W09 OXF-AN00 OXF-AN10 OXP-AN00 P Smart S SCMR-AL09 SNE-L21 TAS-AL00 TAS-L09 TAS-L29 TAS-TL00 WLZ-AL10 WLZ-AN00 AKA-AL10 AKA-L29 AQM-AL00 AQM-AL10 AQM-AL10 AQM-LX1 AQM-TL00 ART-AL00 ART-L29 ART-TL00 BAH3-AL00 ELE-AL00 ELE-L04 ELE-L09 ELE-L29 ELE-TL00 Enjoy 10 Enjoy 10 Plus Enjoy 9 Plus Enjoy 9S EVR-AL00 EVR-L29 EVR-N29 EVR-TL00 GLK-LX1 GLK-LX2 GLK-LX3 HLK-AL00 HLK-AL10 HLK-L22 HLK-L29 HLK-TL00 HLK-TL10 HMA-AL00 HMA-L09 HMA-L29 HMA-TL00 Honor 10 Lite Honor 10i Honor 20 Honor 20 Lite Honor 20 Lite RU Honor 20 Pro Honor 20 Youth Edition Honor 20i Honor 20S Honor 30 Pro Honor 30 Pro+ Honor 8x Honor 9C Honor 9X Honor 9x Global Honor 9x Lite Honor 9X Pro Honor Magic 2 Honor Play 3 Honor Play 4 Pro Honor Play 4T Honor Play 4T Pro Honor Tab 5 8.0 Honor V20 Honor V30 Pro Honor View 30 HRY-AL00 HRY-AL00A HRY-AL00T HRY-AL00TA HRY-LX1 HRY-LX1MEB HRY-LX1T HRY-LX2 HWV33 INE-AL00 INE-LX1 INE-LX1R INE-LX2 INE-LX2R INE-TL00 JDN2-AL00 JDN2-W09 JKM-AL00 JKM-AL10 JKM-AL20 JKM-LX1 JKM-LX2 JKM-LX3 JKM-TL00 JNY-AL10 JNY-L22 JNY-LX1 JNY-LX2 JNY-TL10 JSN-L21 JSN-L22 JSN-L23 JSN-L42 JSN-LX1 JSN-LX2 JSN-LX3 LRA-AL00 LRA-TL00 LTK-LX3 LYA-AL00 LYA-L09 LYA-L29 LYA-TL00 Maimang 7 Maimang 8 MAR-AL00 MAR-L01 MAR-L21 MAR-LX1 MAR-LX2 MAR-LX3A MAR-TL00 Mate 20 Mate 20 Lite Mate 20 Pro Mate 20 RS Mate 20 X Mate 20X Mate 30 Mate 30 Lite Mate 30 Lite Mate 30 Pro Mate 30 Pro 5G Mate 30 RS Mate X Mate Xs MatePad MatePad 10.8 4g MatePad Pro MatePad Pro MatePad Pro 5G Mediapad M5 Lite 8.0 Mediapad M6 10.8 Mediapad M6 8.4 Mediapad M6 Turbo Nova 3i Nova 4e Nova 5 Nova 5 Pro Nova 5i Nova 5i Pro Nova 5T Nova 5T Pro Nova 5Z Nova 6 Nova 6 5G Nova 6 SE Nova 7i Nova Lite 3 Nova Lite 3+ P Smart 2019 P Smart 2020 P Smart Pro P Smart Z P Smart+ P Smart+ 2019 P20 lite 2019 P30 P30 Lite P30 Pro P30 Pro New Edition P40 P40 Lite P40 Lite E P40 Pro P40 Pro+ PCT-AL10 PCT-L29 PCT-TL10 POT-AL00 POT-AL10 POT-L21 POT-L22 POT-L23 POT-LX1 POT-LX2 POT-LX3 POT-TL00 SCM-AL09 SEA-AL00 SEA-AL10 SEA-TL00 SNE-AL00 SNE-L01 SNE-L03 SNE-L23 SNE-LX1 SNE-LX2 SNE-LX3 SNE-TL00 SPL-L29 SPN-AL00 SPN-AL00 SPN-TL00 STK-AL00 STK-L01 STK-L01M STK-L21 STK-L21VHN STK-L22 STK-LX1 STK-LX3 STK-TL00 TNY-TL00 VOG-AL00 VOG-AL10 VOG-L04 VOG-L09 VOG-L29 VOG-TL00 VRD-AL00 Y7p Y8p Y8s Y9 2019 Y9 Prime 2019 Y9S YAL-AL00 YAL-AL00 YAL-AL50 Yal-L21 YAL-L41 Yal-L61 Yal-L71 YAL-TL50
Balong 2k group:8 Pro AGS2-W09 AGS2-W19 ANE-AL00 ANE-L01 ANE-L22 ANE-L23 ANE-LX2 ANE-LX3 BAC-AL00 BAC-L01 BAC-L02 BAC-L03 BAC-L09 BAC-L21 BAC-L22 BAC-L23 BAC-TL00 BAH2-L09 BAH2-W09 BKL-TL00 BND-AL10 BND-AL10 BND-L21 BND-L24 BND-TL10 BTV-DL09 BTV-L0J BTV-W09 CMR-09 CMR-AL09 CMR-AL19 CMR-W19 D188-L29 DUK-AL00 DUK-AL10 DUK-AL20 DUK-AL30 DUK-L09 DUK-L09 DUK-L29 DUK-TL30 EDI-AL10 EDI-DL00 Edison Enjoy 7S Enjoy 7S Enjoy 8 Plus FIG-AL00 FIG-AL10 FIG-L21 FIG-L22 FIG-LA1 FIG-LX1 FIG-LX2 FIG-lx3 FIG-TL10 FIG-TL10 FLA-AL00 FLA-AL10 FLA-AL20 FLA-L22 FLA-LX2 FLA-LX3 G10 G10 Plus HDN-L09 Honor 7X Honor 8 pro Honor 9 Honor 9 Lite Honor 9i Honor Changwan 7X Honor Note 8 Premium Edition Honor V9 Honor WaterPlay 10.1 Huawei G10 HWI-AL00 HWI-TL00 HWV32 LDN-AL00 LLD-AL10 LLD-L22 LLD-L31 LON-AL00 LON-CL00 LON-L09 LON-L29 LON-TL10B M2-802L M2-803L M2-A01L M2-A01W Maiming 6 Mate 10 Lite Mate 9 Mate 9 Pro Mediapad M2 10 Mediapad M2 8.0 Mediapad M5 10 Pro Mediapad M5 8 MediaPad M5 8.4 Mediapad M5 Lite 10 MediaPad M5 Pro 10.8 Mediapad T5 10 MHA-AL10 MHA-L09 MHA-L29 MHA-TL00 Nova 2 Nova 2 Plus Nova 2i Nova 2s Premium Edition Nova Lite 2 P Smart P10 P10 Plus P20 Lite PIC-AL00 PIC-L09 PIC-L29 PIC-TL00 RNE-AL00 RNE-AL00 RNE-L01 RNE-L02 RNE-L03 RNE-L21 RNE-L22 RNE-L23 SHT-AL09 SHT-W09 STF-AL00 STF-AL10 STF-AL20 STF-L09 STF-L14 STF-L19 STF-L29 STF-L39 STF-TL10 VKY-AL00 VKY-L09 VKY-L29 VTR-AL00 VTR-L09 VTR-L29 VTR-TL00 Y9 2018
Balong group:402HW 403hw 7D-501L 7D-501u 7D-503L 7D-503LT 7D-504L ALE-CL00 ALE-L01 ALE-L02 ALE-L03 ALE-L21 ALE-L22 ALE-L23 ALE-L32 ALE-L34 ALE-L52 ALE-L53 ALE-L62 ALE-TL00 ALE-UL00 Ascend D2 Ascend P2 BLL-L21 BLL-L22 BLN-AL40 BLN-L21 BLN-L24 BNL-L21 CAM-L03 CAM-L21 CAM-L23 CAM-TL00H CAM-UL00 CAM-UL10 CHC-U01 CHC-U03 CHC-U23 Che2-L03 Che2-L11 Che2-L12 Che2-L23 Che2-TL00 Che2-TL00H Che2-TL00M Che2-TL10 Che2-TL10M Che2-UL00 Che2-UL10 CHM-CL00 CHM-CL10 CHM-TL00 CHM-TL00H CHM-TL10 CHM-TL10H CHM-U01 CHM-U23 CHM-UL00 CHM-UL10 CRR-CL00 CRR-CL20 CRR-L09 CRR-TL00 CRR-UL00 CRR-UL20 D2-0082 D2-5000 D2-6070 D2-6114 DAV-701L DAV-702L DAV-703L DAV-713L dtab Compact d-02H EDI-AL10 EVA-AL00 EVA-AL10 EVA-L09 EVA-L19 EVA-L29 EVA-TL00 EVA-xxx FRD-AL10 FRD-L09 G Play G play mini G735-L03 G735-L11 G735-L12 G735-L23 GEM-701L GEM-702L GEM-703L Glory 6+ GR5 2017 GRA-CL00 GRA-CL10 GRA-L03 GRA-L09 GRA-L13 GRA-TL00 GRA-TL10 GRA-UL00 GRA-UL10 GT3 H30-L01 H30-L01M H30-L02 H30-L11 H30-L12 H60-J1 H60-L01 H60-L02 H60-L03 H60-L04 H60-L11 H60-L12 H60-L21 Honor 3C Honor 4C Honor 4C Play Honor 4X Honor 5A Honor 5C Honor 6 Honor 6 Plus Honor 6X Honor 7 Honor 7 Lite Honor 7 Premium Edition Honor 7 Standard Edition Honor 7 Standard Edition Dual SIM Honor 8 Honor 8 Lite Honor 8 Lite 2017 Honor 8 smart Honor 8 Youth Edition Honor 8 Youth Edition Honor 8V Honor c5 Honor Holly 3 Honor Holly 3+ Honor Magic Honor Magic Honor Magic Honor Note 8 Honor Spree 4x Dual SIM Honor V8 HW-SCL-L32 hwv31 JAZZ-L09 Jazz-TL00 Jazz-TL10 Jazz-TL20 Jazz-UL00 KNT-AL10 KNT-AL20 LUMIERE 503HW Mate 2 Mate 7 Mate 7 Dual Mate 8 Mate 9 Lite Mate S MediaPad 10 Link+ Mediapad M1 8.0 MediaPad M2-801l Mediapad M3 Mediapad X1 7.0 Mediapad X2 MT2-U071 MT2-U071 MT7-J1 MT7-L09 MT7-L09 MT7-L11 MT7-TL00 MT7-TL00 MT7-TL10 MT7-TL10A MT7-TL20 MT7-UL00 NEM-AL10 NEM-L21 NEM-L22 NEM-L31 NEM-L51 NEM-TL00 NEM-UL10 NMO-L01 NMO-L02 NMO-L03 NMO-L21 NMO-L22 NMO-L23 NMO-L31 NMO-L51 Nova Lite NTS-AL00 NTS-AL00 NXT-AL10A NXT-AL10B NXT-CL00B NXT-DL00A Nxt-l09 NXT-L09A NXT-L09B NXT-L29 NXT-TL00A P10 Lite P2-6011 P2-6013 P2-6070 P6S-U00 P6S-U04 P6S-U06 P7 P7-L00 P7-L05 P7-L07 P7-L09 P7-L10 P7-L11 P7-L12 P7-L15 P7-L18 P8 P8 lite 2017 P8 Max 4G P8 Premium Edition P8 Standard Edition P8-Lite P9 P9 Lite P9 Lite P9 Lite 2017 P9 Plus P9 premium edition PE-CL00 PE-CL10 PE-TL00M PE-TL10 PE-TL20 PE-UL00 Pine-CL00 Pine-CL10 Pine-TL00M Pine-TL10 Pine-TL20 Pine-UL00 PLK-AL10 PLK-C00 PLK-CL00 PLK-L01 PLK-L11 PLK-L21 PLK-TL00 PLK-TL01H PLK-TL01H PLK-TL11H PLK-UL00 PLK-UL10 PRA-AL00 PRA-AL00X PRA-LA1 PRA-LX1 PRA-LX2 PRA-LX3 PRA-TL10 Prague S8-301L S8-301LM S8-301u S8-302L S8-303L S8-304LD S8-306L S8-30xL VEN-L22 VIE-AL10 VIE-L09 VIE-L29 VNS-L01 VNS-L02 VNS-L03 VNS-L11 VNS-L21 VNS-L22 VNS-L31 VNS-L53 WAS-AL00 WAS-LX1 WAS-LX1A WAS-LX3 Washington Y6II
Hi-Silicon:Ascend D1 Ascend D1 Quad Ascend G615 Ascend Mate Ascend P1 Ascend P6-U00 Ascend P6-U06 HN3-U00 HN3-U01 Honor 2 Honor 3 Honor III Honor Quad MT1-U06 U9200-1 U9200E U9500-1 U9508 U9510 U9510E
KIRIN970:ALP-AL00 ALP-L09 ALP-L29 ALP-TL00 BKL-AL00 BKL-AL20 BKL-L09 BKL-TL20 BLA-A09 BLA-AL00 BLA-L09 BLA-L29 BLA-TL00 CLT-L04 CLT-L09 CLT-L29 COL-AL10 COL-L29 COL-TL00 COL-TL10 COR-AL00 COR-L29 COR-TL10 EML-AL00 EML-L09 EML-L22 EML-L29 EML-TL00 Honor 10 Honor 10 GT Honor Note 10 Honor Play Honor View 10 Mate 10 Mate 10 Pro Mate RS Porshe Nova 3 Nova 4 High Nova 4 Standard P20 P20 Pro PAR-AL00 PAR-LX1 PAR-LX9 PAR-TL20 RVL-AL10

Huawei (ADB Mode) Supported Models

Hi-Silicon:Ascend D1 Quad XL
Qcom 2k group:AGS-L03 AGS-L09 Ags-w09 ARE-AL00 ARS-L22 ARS-LX2 ATU-AL10 ATU-L21 ATU-LX1 AUM-AL00 AUM-AL20 AUM-L29 AUM-TL20 BAH-AL00 BAH-L01 BAH-L09 BAH-W09 BKK-AL00 BKK-AL10 BKK-L21 BKK-LX1 BKK-TL00 BZA-L00 BZA-W00 BZK-L00 CAN-AL00 CAN-AL10 CAN-L01 CAN-L02 CAN-L03 CAN-L11 CAN-L12 CAN-L13 CAN-TL10 CAN-TL20 CAZ-AL00 Changwan 7A Changwan 7C CPN-AL00 CPN-L09 CPN-W09 DELHI-AL10A Diego DIG-AL00 DIG-L01 DIG-L03 DIG-L21 DIG-L22 DIG-L23 DIG-TL10 DUB-AL00 DUB-AL20 DUB-L21 DUB-L22 DUB-LX1 DUB-LX2 DUB-TL00 Elate Enjoy 6S Enjoy 7 ENJOY 7 PLUS Enjoy 9 G9 Plus GR3 2017 Honor 6A Honor 6C Honor 7A Honor 7A Pro Honor 7C Honor 7c Pro Honor 8C Honor 8X Max Honor Changwan 8C Honor Play 7A KOB-L09 KOB-W09 LDN-L01 LDN-L21 LDN-LX3 LLD-AL30 LND-AL30 LND-AL40 Maimang 5 MediaPad C5 MediaPad M3 Lite 10 MediaPad M3 lite 8.0 MediaPad T3 MediaPad T3 MediaPad T3 10 2017 MLA-AL00 MLA-AL10 MLA-CL00 MLA-L01 MLA-L02 MLA-L03 MLA-L11 MLA-L12 MLA-L13 MLA-TL00 MLA-TL10 MLA-UL00 MON-W19 Nova Nova 2 lite Nova Lite+ Nova Plus Nova Plus Nova Smart P9 lite mini P9 Lite Smart SLA-AL00 SLA-L02 SLA-L03 SLA-L22 SLA-L23 SLA-TL00 SLA-TL10 TOR-A1 TOR-A2 TRT-AL00 TRT-L01 TRT-L03 TRT-L21 TRT-L22 TRT-L23 TRT-L53 TRT-LX1 TRT-LX2 TRT-TL00 TRT-TL10 Y Max Y6 2018 Y6 prime 2018 Y6 Pro 2017 Y7 2017 Y7 2018 Y7 2019 Y7 Prime 2017 Y7 Prime 2018 Y7 Prime 2019 Y7 Pro 2019
Qcom Android New Models:606HW ALE-L04 Ascend D LTE Ascend Mate 2 Ascend Mate2 4G Ascend P1 LTE ASCEND XT Ascend Y530-U00 Ascend Y530-U051 ATH-UL01 Ath-ul06 CAM-AL00 CAM-L32 Che1-CL10 Che1-CL20 Che1-L04 DLI-L22 DLI-L42 FDR-A01L FDR-A03L FDR-A04L FDR-A05L G526 G527-U081 G535 G535-L11 G6-L11 G6-L22 G6-L33 G6-U00 G6-U10 G6-U251 G6-U34 G615 G615-U10 G620-A2 G620-L72 G620-L75 G620S G620S-L01 G620S-L02 G620S-L03 G620S-UL00 G621 G621-TL00 G621-TL00M G630 G630-T00 G630-U00 G630-U10 G630-U20 G630-U251 G630-U30 G7 G7 Plus G7-L01 G7-L02 G7-L03 G7-L11 G7-UL10 G7-UL20 G716 G740 G740-L00 G760-L02 G8 G9 Lite GR5 GX8 H1611 Holly 4 Plus Honor 4A Honor 4X Honor 5A Honor 5X Honor 6 Pro Honor 6A Pro Honor 7i Honor Holly 4 HW-01E JDN-AL00 JDN-L01 Kestrel KII-L05 KII-L21 KII-L22 KII-L23 KII-L33 KIW-AL10 KIW-AL10G KIW-AL20 KIW-L21 KIW-L22 KIW-L23 KIW-L24 KIW-TL00 KIW-TL00H KIW-UL00 KLL-L21 KLL-L22 MediaPad 7 Youth2 MediaPad M2 10.1 Youth Mediapad S7-301u MediaPad T1 10.0 MediaPad T1 8.0 Pro MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro MediaPad T2 7 Pro MediaPad T2 8.0 Pro MT2L03 PLE-701L RIO-L01 RIO-L02 RIO-L03 RIO-TL00 S7-302u S7-303u S7-312u S7-721u S7-722u S8-701u SCC-U21 SCL-AL00 SCL-L01 SCL-L02 SCL-L03 SCL-L04 SCL-L21 SCL-u31 ShotX SnapTo SoftBank Huawei Stream 201HW T-Mobile Prism II T1-821L T1-A21L T1-a22l U8686 U9201L U9202L U9501L Ultym5 VNS-AL00 Y301-A1 Valiant Y301-A2 Vitria Y336-A1 Y340 Y340-U081 Y536-A1 Y536A1 AT&T Tribute Y538 Y538-A1 Y540 Y540-U01 Y550-L01 Y550-L02 Y550-L03 Y550-L13 Y635-L02 Y635-L03 Y6ii Youth2

Huawei (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: T-Mobile Move Balance Unite Q 007HW Ascend G300 Ascend G300C Ascend G301 Ascend G330D Ascend G520 Ascend G525 Ascend II Ascend Y100 Ascend Y101 Ascend Y200 Ascend Y201 Ascend Y201 Pro Ascend Y210 Ascend Y300 Ascent G312 Astro Beeline E300 Blaze Boulder Buddy C8150 C8500 C8500S C8511 C8550 C8650 C8650 Plus C8800 C8813 C8860E CHT8000 Cloudfone Temptation Fusion Fusion 2 Gaga Globe Cloudfone Ice Honor Honor Plus + Huawei Ideos X5 HWM835 Ideos Ideos Chat Ideos X1 Ideos X3 Impulse 4G Ivy Joy Juni Kavak Kyivstar Aqua Kyivstar Terra M835 M860 Ascend M865 MegaFon NEO Phoenix Pro Pulse Mini RBM2 RBM3 S31HW Softbank Selina Smile Sonic Sonic Plus SPARK Speed T-Mobile Ascend G312 T-Mobile Comet T-Mobile myTouch T-Mobile myTouch Q T-mobile Prism T-Mobile Pulse T-Mobile Pulse Mini T-Mobile Pulse mini T-Mobile Rapport TMN A1 Turkcell T20 U8100 U8100-5 U8100-9 U8105 U8107 U8109 U8110 U8120 U8150 U8150-92 U8160 U8160-U U8180 U8180-5 U8180v U8185 U8186 U8220 U8220 PLUS U8225D life:) Belarus U8230 U8300 U8350 U8500 U8510 U8510-0 U8510-1 U8510-7 U8511 U8520 Deuce U8520 Duplex U8530 U8600 U8650 U8650-1 U8651 U8651S U8651T U8652 U8652-51 U8655 U8655-1 U8660 U8661 U8665 U8666 U8666E U8666N-1 U8667 U8680 U8681 U8685D U8687 U8730 U8800 U8800 Pro U8800-51 U8800H U8815 U8816 U8818 U8820 U8825D U8833 U8850 U8860 u8867z U8950 Ascend G600 U8950D Ascend G600D U8951 Ascend G510 U8951D Ascend G510 U9000 UM840 V845 Vision Vodafone 858 Smart Y201D Y210D Y5 Y560-L01 Y560-L02 Y560-L02 Y625-U13 Y625-U21 Y625-U32 Y625-U43 y625-u51
Qcom phone:U1000 U1000s U1005 U1105 U120 U1205 U120e U121 U1211 U1215 U1220s U1250 U1251 U1259 U1270 U1280 U1280E U1285 U1300 U1305 U1307 U1309 U1310 U1315 U2800 U2801 U3100 U3100-1 U3100-5 U3100-7 U3100-d U3200 U3200-9 U3200-S U3200S U3205 U3300 U3305 U3310 U3311 U3315 U3315h U3317 U5110 U5110e U5120 U550 U5510 U5700 U5705 U5707 U5900 U6100 U6150 U7200 U7300 U7310 U7310S U7315 U7510 U7510-o U7515 U7517 U7519 U7520 U7520-5 U7520-7 U7520-D U9105 U9120 U9130
Qcom tablet:IDEOS S7 Slim: S7-201u IDEOS S7 Slim: S7-201w Mediapad S7 S7-101 Mediapad S7 S7-103 Mediapad S7 S7-104 Mediapad S7 S7-105 Mediapad S7 S7-106

Motorola (Qualcomm) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:XT2029-1 Droid Maxx 2 Droid Turbo 2 E4 Plus G Forte G Turbo G4 G4 Plus G5 Plus G6 Play Moto E Moto E (2nd Gen) Moto E4 Moto E4 Plus Moto E5 Moto E5 Play Moto E5 Plus Moto G Moto G (2nd Gen) MOTO G3 Moto G5 Moto G5 Plus Moto G5s Moto G5s Plus Moto G7 Moto G7 Plus Moto Maxx Moto Turbo Moto X (2nd Gen) Moto X Play Moto X Style Moto X+1 moto x4 Moto X4 2018 Moto Z Moto Z2 Force River XT1008 XT1021 XT1022 XT1023 XT1025 XT1032 XT1033 XT1035 XT1039 XT1040 XT1045 XT1063 XT1064 XT1068 XT1069 XT1072 XT1077 XT1078? XT1079 XT1092 XT1093 XT1095 XT1097 XT1225 XT1254 XT1506 XT1521 XT1523 XT1524 XT1526 XT1527 XT1528 XT1540 XT1541 XT1542 XT1543 XT1544 XT1548 XT1550 XT1557 XT1562 XT1563 XT1565 XT1572 XT1575 XT1580 XT1585 XT1600 XT1601 XT1602 XT1603 XT1604 XT1607 XT1609 XT1621 XT1622 XT1624 XT1625 XT1626 XT1635 XT1640 XT1641 XT1642 XT1643 XT1644 XT1650 XT1655 XT1670 XT1671 XT1672 XT1675 XT1676 XT1677 XT1681 XT1683 XT1685 XT1686 XT1687 XT1706 XT1710 XT1765 XT1766 XT1767 Xt1768 XT1774 XT1789 XT1789 XT1791 XT1792 XT1793 XT1794 XT1795 XT1797 XT1800 XT1801 XT1802 XT1803 XT1804 XT1805 XT1806 XT1900-1 XT1900-2 XT1900-4 XT1900-5 XT1900-6 XT1900-7 XT1920-15 XT1920-16 XT1920-18 XT1920-19 XT1920DL XT1921-6 XT1921-8 XT1922-4 XT1922-7 XT1924 XT1924-8 (Sprint) XT1925 XT1926 XT1929 XT1944 XT1962-1 XT1962-4 XT1962-5 XT1962-6 XT1965-2 XT1965-3 XT2013-1 Z Play Z2 Force Z3 Play
Qcom Android:XT3 QUENCH XT5 QUENCH XT500 XT502
Qcom phone:EX300

Motorola (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:Atrix 3 HD Atrix HD LTE DROID MINI DROID RAZR M 4G LTE DROID ULTRA DROID ULTRA MAXX MB886 Moto X Photon Q 4G LTE RAZR HD RAZR M RAZR MAXX HD Softbank 201M XT1030 XT1052 XT1053 XT1055 XT1056 XT1058 XT1060 XT1080 XT1080M XT897 XT902 XT905 XT907 XT925 XT926

Alcatel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:One Touch Fierce 2 One Touch Fire One Touch Fire C One Touch Fire E One Touch Idol 2 mini One Touch Idol 2 MINI L One Touch Idol 2 MINI S One Touch Idol 2S One Touch Idol 3 5.5 One Touch Idol S One Touch MAX One Touch Pixi 3 8.0 One Touch Pixi 7 One Touch PIXI 7 Tablet One Touch POP 2 5.0 LTE One Touch POP 3 One Touch POP 3 (5) One Touch POP 8 One Touch Pop Icon One Touch POP S3 One Touch POP S9 One Touch SCRIBE EASY OneTouch Fierce XL OneTouch Idol 3 OneTouch POP 2 Premium ONETOUCH POP 2(4.5) Optimus Madrid OT-4012 OT-4019 OT-4301 OT-5050 OT-6014X OT-6015 OT-6016 OT-6034R OT-6035R OT-6036 OT-6050 OT-6050Y OT-7040T OT-7050 OT-8000 OT-9020A OT-908 OT-908F OT-908S OT-909 One Touch MAX OT-909B OT-910 OT-968 OT-978 OT-980 OT-981 OT-990 OT-993 OT-993D OT-995 OT-996 OT-A909 OT-A988 OT-A990 OT-A998 OT-C908 OT-C990 OT-C995 OT-MS4 OT-S850 OT-T026 OT-V958 OT-Y710 P330X POP 2 (4) POP 7S T-Mobile Move TCL J736 TCL Y710 Vodafone 845
Qcom Android New Models:4044c 4044N 4044v 4045D 4045X 4060a 4060S 4060W 5042A 5042D 5042g 5044G 5044r 5050C 5051D 5051J 5051M 5051X 5054D 5054O 5054X 5056D 5056e 5056I 5056M 5056O 5056X 5057A 5057M 5065D 5065J 5065O 5065X 5098O 5098S 5154A 6039A 6039H 6039K 6039S 6055A 6055b 6055U 7043E 7043K 7043Y 7044X 7044Y 7048a 7048S 7048X 7055a 9001D 9001I 9001X 9006W 9007T 9007X (for EE) 9015B 9015W 9022D 9022S 9022X 9030G 9030Q 9030Y A3 A30 Fierce 4 Flint Go Flip 2 Go Flip 3 Go Play IDEAL Ideal Xcite IDOL 4 M823 One Touch Allura One Touch Conquest One Touch Idol 4S One Touch Pixi 3 (7) One Touch PIXI 4 One Touch Pixi 4 6.0 One Touch POP 2 (5) Premium One Touch POP 3 (5.5) One Touch POP 4 One Touch POP 7 OneTouch Idol 4S OneTouch Pixi 7 OneTouch Pop 4+ Optus X smart OT-4044 OT-4044O OT-4044W OT-4045 OT-4045a OT-4052C OT-4052R OT-4052W OT-4052Z OT-4060 OT-4060O OT-5042a OT-5042X OT-5044c OT-5046G OT-5051 OT-5054 OT-5054a OT-5054N OT-5054O OT-5054s OT-5054W OT-5056 OT-5056N OT-5056W OT-5057 OT-5065 OT-5065a OT-5065O OT-5098 OT-5098O OT-5154 OT-6039a OT-6039Y OT-6045 OT-6045A OT-6045B OT-6045i OT-6045O OT-6055 OT-6055K OT-6070 OT-7043 OT-7043a OT-7044 OT-7044A OT-7048 OT-7048a OT-7055a OT-9001 OT-9006 OT-9007 OT-9015 OT-9022 OT-9024W OT-9030 OT-A621R OT-I806 OT-M823F OT-V895N OT-V900 OT-VF1397 OT-VF1400 OT-VF1497 SmartFlip Streak Tab Prime 6 TCL 5042A TCL 5042W TRU U5 VDF 900 VF-1497 VF-895N VFD 900 Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 Vodafone Tab Prime 7 Vodafone Tab Speed 6

Blu (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:D170a Dash 3.5 Dash 3.5 Studio Mini X100q

Orange (ADB Mode) Supported Models

Qcom Android New Models:Gova Yumo
QCOM Hexagon:Hi 4G Novi Rono SoshPhone 4G

Orange (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:Barcelona Boston Daytona Dublin Fova Montecarlo Nivo Nura Oslo Roya San Francisco SanFrancisco 2 Stockholm Tactile Internet Zali
Qcom phone:Oslo

SFR (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:StarXtrem

SFR (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:511 522 552 Staraddict Staraddict II Staraddict III Starnaute Starnaute 2 STARNAUTE II STARSHINE Startext Startext II Startrail StarTrail II STARXTREM ll
Qcom phone:501

ZTE (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:402ZT Avea inTouch 4 Beeline Smart2 Blade A460 Blade Apex Blade Apex 2 Blade D Lux Blade G LTE BLADE Q+ Blade V220 Blade Vec 4G Compel Concord II Grand Era LTE Grand S Flex Grand X Grand X LTE Hop Smart Kis III Megafon 4G Turbo Moche Smart A16 (MEO) Mustang N9511 Nubia Nx406e Open 2 Open C Overture Radiant Skinny V811 Sonata 4G T792 T80 T81 T82 T83 Teknosa Preo P1 Telstra Dave Telstra Easy Touch 4G Telstra Evolution Telstra Frontier 4G Telstra Rush TMN Smart A60 Turkcell T50 Unico LTE V811 V811W V9800 Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Vodafone Smart V8 Z667 Z667T Z669 Z730 Z740 Z740G Z755 Z777 Z787 Z792 Z826 Z830 Z933 Z958 Z970 Z987 Z995 Z995C Z998 ZMAX ZTE T617

ZTE (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:008Z Simple Smartphone 008Z SoftBank 009Z SoftBank 551 A21plus Acqua Aglaia Amazing A1 Amigo Apanda A60 Atlas W Avail Avail 2 Avea in Touch 2 B790 Base Lutea Base Lutea 2 BASE Tab 7.1 Beeline E600 Beeline M2 Blade Blade E Blade G Blade II (P735T) Blade III Blade III Pro Blade S Blade V Blade+ Bs 351 Chinavision Excalibur Cincinnati Bell Blaze f800 Commtiva Z71 Cosmote Xplore Crescent GigaByte G1305 Codfish ICE JOE K85 Kis Kis Lite Kis Plus Kis Pro Kyivstar Spark Libra Light Light Plus Light Tab Light Tab 2 Link Lord Maxi Plus 5 MD-301 Medion Mercury Metfone MF800 MIMOSA MOMODESIGN MD Droid Movistar Express Movistar Motion Movistar Prime Muchtel A1 myPad P3 N61 N720 N721 N880F N880G N881E N881F N8881E N909 Nexian A890 Next G Onda TQ150 ONDA TT102 Open P729B Penguin PRELUDE Prelude Racer Racer 3 Racer III Racer III mini Racer X850 Raice Raise Roamer Skate Skate 4.3H Skate Pro Smart Netphone 701 Smartfren Wide SoftBank 003Z STAR 7 Style Q Switch X1 T-Mobile Vivacity T-Mobile Zest T22 T28 T3020 T303 T40 T60 T790 Telenor Touch Pad Telstra Active Touch Telstra Boost Tango Telstra Pulse Telstra Smart Touch Telstra Urbane TMN Bluebelt TMN Bluebelt II TMN Sapo A5 TMN Silverbelt TMN Smart a15 TMN Smart A7 TMN Soft Stone Turkcell T21 Turkcell T40 V11A V6000 V6500 V6600 V71A V788 V788D V790 V8200PLUS V875 V880 V880E V880G V880S V881 V882 V889D V889F V9 V9 Light V9+ V955 V956 V960 V9a V9C VF945 Vibo A688 VODAFONE 945 Vodafone Smart CHAT V865 Vodafone Smart Tab 10 Vodafone Smart Tab 7 Web Tab 7 WellcoM A88 Xiang Z990 Z992 Z993
Qcom modem:AC30 MF30
Qcom phone:C100 CK165 E821 E850 F05Z F100 F101 F102 F102i F103 F105 F106 F107 F109 F111 F116 F158 F159 F160 F160 AT&T F165 F166 F188 F230 F232 F233 F260 F555 F600 F870 F900 F912 F930 F950 F951 F952 F953 F955 Jack 3G LF152 MD Touch MD Touch mini MD-2 MOMO Design Montgomery N8301 N8303 R101 R109 R22 R54 R7 Rio II S2x S50 Skinny T-Mobile Aspect T100 T106 T108 T116A T2 T20 T203 T3 T50 T54 T6 T7 T870 T90 T930 T95 T96 Tactile Messaging Telstra CRUISE T126 Telstra FLIP U112 Wombat WP750 Z1196 Z221 Z222 Z223 Z331 Z430 Z431 Z432 Z433 Z434

Amoi (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom phone:SkypePhone AMOI WP-S2 SkypePhone WP-S1

Artel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:Adi5

Azumi (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:A35 Kl32

Bitel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:B8401

Bmobile (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom phone:QW130

Cloudphone (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:Excite 352G

Coolpad (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:7560T Flo 7560U 8860U 8861U E501

Kyocera (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:C6522 C6530N DuraForce DuraForce XD E6560 E6710 E6790TM Hydro Life Hydro Xtrm Torque

M4tel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:SS4445 Access SS660 Space

Megafon (ADB Mode) Supported Models

Broadcom:Login SP-A1

Megafon (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:SP-A10 V9+

Micromax (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:Canvas Pace 4G Q415

Movitel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:M8402 M8403

MTN (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:Steppa

MTS (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:916 950 955 965 968 1055 EVO Mini MTC A SP101 Viva
Qcom phone:840

Tecno (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:P3

Verykool (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:SL5000

Viettel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:V8403 V8403 V8404 V8502 V8505

Vtelca (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon:Victoria 2

Vtelca (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android:N720 V8200+

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