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Huawei HiSilicon Android Smartphones


Enable Manufacture Mode


Rescue mode entering
FRP Remove feature method for the newest Huawei devices via Safe mode
Direct unlock
FRP Remove
FRP Remove using Testpoint
Repair IMEI
Fix "Software IMEI: Not found" issues
Huawei Bootloader Password Reading
Huawei ID remove
Repair of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Serial Numbers


How to check Vendor / Country of the phone
Enable downgrade on the latest Huawei smartphones
FLASH via fastboot mode (only for reviving of bricked devices)
  1. SD-card should be removed from the phone
  2. Press vol+vol- and connect USB cable to enter the Upgrade mode
  3. Open HiSilicon tab and go to Flash bookmark
  4. Select PCUI or DBA adapter port (different phone models show different ports) in the port selection tab
  5. Select required flash file (1)
  6. If the phone is new, the drop-down menu (2) with localization/customization files will appear (as shown on this screen shot). Select the 2nd file in that drop-down menu.
    Note! Chosen file must be in the folder and unpacked.
  7. In case the phone does not enter Upgrade mode, try to enter it using Rescue mode entering manual
  8. Press “write flash”
  9. Perform Wipe Data/Cache via phone's recovery (enter recovery by pressing and holding VOL+ and Power On)

Important: all partitions of the firmware will be written to the phone in Upgrade mode.

New smartphone models have two flash files: main flash file and localization file. These two files should be flashed together.

FACTORY MODE: phones detected as "HUAWEI USB COM 1.0"
Change Provider (Vendor/Country)


Direct unlock for Mediapad M1 and X1 devices on HiSilicon Balong
Repair IMEI for Mediapad M1 and X1 devices on HiSilicon Balong

Reminder! Before servicing the phone, please make sure that:

  1. You use the latest version of Smart-Clip2 software
  2. Battery charged more than 50%
  3. All the side programs, that may interfere with the phone, are closed
  4. Phone’s cable and device itself should not be disconnected or disturbed until the procedure is fully completed
  5. Connect phone to USB port placed on the backside of PC (motherboard's USB port)
    Do not connect or disconnect other USB cables into the PC during the actual work with the phone
  6. Avoid using any kind of USB HUBs and long USB cables. Use the shortest-length USB cable available.
  7. Phone has stock (factory) firmware version
  8. SIM card is removed

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