Save $40 Buying Smart-Clip2!


Smart-Clip2 Basic Set with Packs 1, 2, 3 Activated for Smart-Clip with S-Card owners

Special offer for Smart-Clip with S-Card owners! Save USD 40 on Smart-Clip2 with All Packs Activated.

To get a discount, please, follow these few simple steps:

Get a promo code:

  1. Update your Smart-Clip and S-Card to the latest version
  2. Run SmartMoto v.4.33 software.
  3. Open Smart-Clip bookmark (for instance, at "Smart-Clip USB Port (GSM) "tab).
  4. Press "Get Promo Code" button.

Use this promo code:

  • After the promo code has been generated, copy it to the clipboard and insert into "SmartClip Promo Code" field while making an order. Cost of Smart-Clip2 with All Packs will be recalculated automatically.
How to get a discount

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