Smart-Clip2 - Easier, Closer, Better!


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Far back in 2004, the legendary Smart-Clip - a result of cooperation of Smart-Clip and GsmServer Teams, appeared on the market. During the past 10 years this solution became one of the most widely used tools. We can hardly imagine a service center without boxes made by GsmServer, which have already got an excellent reputation and user confidence.

Today we officially present the new box generation - Smart-Clip2! This tool develops its own non-common features one cannot find in other devices. Smart-Clip2 offers professional support for the most popular cell phones and integrates a full set of servicing features.

The next generation box is not only better, but also easier to use. It becomes literally closer as you can construct your own Smart-Clip2 Box that perfectly fits your professional needs: you can either purchase full version of the product or a basic one and expand its functionality to full performance.

... and that's just the beginning!

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