Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.06.01


Direct Unlock for Huawei Ascend Y530-U00, Y530-U051

ADB Mode Tab:

  1. Added Direct Unlock (via ADB mode) for the following Huawei smartphones:
    • Ascend Y530-U00
    • Ascend Y530-U051
    Other Huawei smartphones from this group have been added in a test mode, so we expect your feedbacks about unlocking:
    • G6-U10 / G6-U34 / G6-U251 / G6-L11 / G6-L22 / G6-L33
    • G630-U10 / G630-U20 / G630-U251
    • G615-U10
    • Y336-A1 / Y536-A1
  2. The following models have been added to the list of supported:
    • Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370 (MT6589)
    • Avvio 793 (MT65XX)
    • Allview A4 You (MT6572)
    • Kata Venus 3 (MT6572)
    • Lenovo A2107A-H (MT6575)
    • Lightahead LA-550 (MT6572)
    • Nextel V.35 (MT65XX)
    • SFR - STARTRAIL 5 (MT6572)
    • OYSTERS T72 3G (MT6582)
    • Viettel V8505 (MT6572)
    • Vodafone Smart tab III 7 (MT8389)
    • ZTE V795l (MT6572)
  3. Added "Enable Diag Port" feature. It enables Diagnostic port in Vodafone V889N and in some other Android smartphones. Find it in ADB Android -> Qualcomm bookmark.
  4. Released ability to root the smartphone with Sigma (ADB mode tab). Smartphones with Android 4.0.x (ICS) and 4.1.x -4.3.x (Jelly Bean) supported. Mainly this alternative solution for rooting is meant for working with phones supported by Smart-Clip2, which can be unlocked via ADB mode. You are kindly requested to send us logs of successfully rooted phones for the analysis.

Qualcomm Tab:

  1. Added Direct Unlock support for Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo / Vodafone V889n.
    Please, read the manual on how to unlock this phone.
  2. Fast Direct Unlock firmware database has been updated with the following versions:
    • Motorola XT320, XT321 - 1 new firmware for each model
    • Motorola MB200: USAMOR01ORFRE1034.0R
    • ZTE Jack 3G: ORG_FR_P671A80V1.0.0B17-S

MTK Tab:

  1. MTK Calculator: added possibility to calculate unlock code for IMEI with incorrect checksum.
  2. The following models have been added to the list of supported:
    • Amgoo Am55 (MT6252)
    • Go Mobile Go 165 (MT625A)
    • Huawei G7300E, G7010S (MT62XX)

Other improvements:

  1. Important! The user interface of the Smart-Clip2 SW has been reorganized and it became more universal. Now use "ADB Android" bookmark to unlock MTK (Yoda method), Qualcomm, TI-based supported models, which support unlock via ADB mode.
  2. Added support for smartphones with new security feature in regard to USB debugging (RSA Key fingerprint).

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