Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.10.00


Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.10.00 and Smart-Clip2 Firmware v.1.10 are out!

Smart-Clip2 Pack 2 Update

The following features have been released for Huawei Hi-Silicon based devices:

  1. Repair Security Area
    • This feature will automatically fix phones that have “default IMEI 004999010640000” issue. Smart-Clip2 will automatically fix corrupted security area during the Repair IMEI procedure.
  2. Backup and Restore calibration data
    • These features will allow to fix “Software IMEI: Not found” issues. Just Backup NV file from a working set and restore it into the corrupted one. Then Repair phone’s original IMEI.

These features are supported for the following Huawei devices:

  • Ascend D1, Ascend D1 Quad, Ascend D1 Quad XL, Ascend G615, Ascend Mate, Ascend P6-U00, Ascend P6-U06, HN3-U00, HN3-U01, Honor 2, Honor 3, Honor III, Honor Quad, MT1-U06, U9500-1, U9508, U9510, U9510E

Find full manual on the official website.

Download Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.10.00

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