Smart-Clip2 Software v.


Unlock / Repair IMEI / Wrong Code Counter Reset / Root for Sony C1904, C1905, C2004, C2005,  Xperia M, Xperia M Dual, Nicki SS, Nicki DS

Pack 4 Update

We have added world's first Unlock / Repair IMEI / Wrong Code Counter Reset / Root features for a new group of Sony smartphones:

  • Sony C1904
  • Sony C1905
  • Sony C2004
  • Sony C2005
  • Sony Xperia M
  • Sony Xperia M Dual
  • Sony Nicki SS
  • Sony Nicki DS

Full manual is available on the official website.

Pack 1 Update

We have expanded the list of devices that support Yoda method with the following models:

  • Haier G3 (MT6572)
  • Haier G30 (MT6572)
  • OPPO R2001 (MT6582)
  • Sendtel Sage+ (MT6572)
  • WIKO GOA (MT6572)
  • ZTE Grand Memo lite (MT6572)

Pack 2 Update

  1. New MTK phones have been added to the list of supported:
    • Amgoo Am303 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile B3 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile B45 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile B80 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile B120 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile B170 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile B800 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile B5  (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile E760 (MT625A)
    • Q Mobile E770 (MT625A)
    • Q Mobile E775 (MT625A)
    • Q Mobile E890 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile E990 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile E4 (MT625A)
    • Q Mobile E5 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile E40 (MT625A)
    • Q Mobile E85 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile E95 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile R200 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile G350 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile R390 (MT6260)
    • Q Mobile C12 (MT6260)
  2. ZTE Jack 3G (ORG_KE_P671A80V1_0_0B02-S) has been added to the fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database.
  3. Smart-Clip2 root solution: the list of devices that are supported by the "Autodetect" feature has been updated.

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