Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.15.00


We have made lots of small but significant improvements for all supported platforms.

HiSilicon tab:

Added Change Provider (Vendor/Country) feature for Huawei Balong devices. It can be used to adjust phone settings correctly after the device has been flashed with another service provider firmware  version. The feature can be found in Hisilicon tab - Service Bookmark.

Qcom tab:

  1. Lanix Ilium L900 added to the list of supported. Please, follow this manual to unlock this phone
  2. Smart-Clip2 root solution has been updated

Android ADB tab:

  1. The following smartphones have been added to the list of supported devices:
    • Alcatel Pixi 7 Ot-i216a (MT8312)
    • Acer Z410 (MT6732)
    • Avvio L600 (MT6732)
    • Avvio 753 (MT6572)
    • BMobile AX810 (MT6580)
    • Blu TOUCHBOOK7.0 3G (MT8312)
    • Blu Dash 3.5 Ii D342l (MT6572)
    • Blu Dash Jr D142k (MT6571)
    • Blu Vivo Air (MT6592)
    • BGH Joy Smart A7g (MT6752)
    • Ftc Plus (MT6572)
    • HTC Desire 526G dual sim (MT6582)
    • Q Mobile Noir i9 (MT6582)
    • TCL A460T (MT6582)
    • TCL 4009s (MT6572)
    • Lg X130g (MT6572)
    • MyPhone A848g (MT6XXX)
    • NOBLEX N401 (MT6572)
    • Sendel Flame (MT6572)
    • WIKO Sunset 2 (MT6572)
  2. We’ve implemented some improvements in working with MTK Lenovo smartphones

MTK tab:

The following phones have been added to the list of supported:

  • Blu Tank T191 (MT6260)
  • Likuid LK100 (MT6260)
  • Natcom N6203(MT6252)

It is required to update your Smart-Clip2 card to the latest firmware version.

Download Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.15.00

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