Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.15.03


New version of software is out. This time we are bringing you the set of important improvements for popular devices and support for new MTK smartphones!

Qcom tab:

  1. Improved unlock procedure via Download mode for some new firmware versions of Vodafone Smart Prime 6.
  2. Fixed IMEI Repair feature for ZTE Z222 with ATT_AM_P671B41V1.0.0B16-S firmware version.

Android ADB tab:

  1. Improved IMEI Repair feature for MTK Android smartphones.
  2. Added support for the following MTK smartphones:
    • Bitel B8601 (MT6582)
    • Bmobile Ax670 (MT6572)
    • Bmobile Ax1020 (MT6735)
    • LANIX Ilium X200 (MT6572)
    • Starmobile Sky (MT6582)
    • TCL 5017X (MT6735)
  3. Released lots of minor improvements in MTK phones unlocking procedure.

Download Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.15.03

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