Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.15.07


Qcom tab:

  1. Added Direct unlock / Get unlock codes features for the following Kyocera smartphones:
    • Kyocera DuraForce E6560
    • Kyocera Torque E6710

    Read the manual before getting started.

  2. Hisense HS-X8C added to the list of supported devices.

Android ADB tab:

  1. The following smartphones added to the list of supported devices:
    • BLU LIFE XL (MT6592)
    • BLU STUDIO G PLUS (MT6580)
    • Coolpad Note 3 (CP8676_I02) (MT6753)
    • Haier G31 (MT6572)
    • Movic W4 (MT6572)
    • Maxwest Orbit 330G (MT6572)
    • MTC SMART Sprint 4G (MT6735)
    • SKY 5.0LM (MT6735)
    • Sendtel Rocket (MT6572)
    • 4Good S540M 4G (MT6735)
    • ZTE Blade L3 Lite (MT6572)
    • ZTE Blade L5 (MT6572)
  2. Improved IMEI Repair procedure for Micromax Q415.

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