Smart-Clip2 Software v.


12 Years of updates!

New models based on different platforms have been tested and added to the list of supported devices:

Qcom tab:

  • Moto E Dual TV XT1025
  • Moto G XT1035
  • Moto G (3rd gen) XT1541
  • Moto G (3rd gen) XT1543
  • Moto X Style XT1572

Android ADB tab:

  • Avvio L630 (MT6XXX)
  • Azumi A45s (MT6572)
  • JTY D101 (MT6572)
  • Symphony v70 (MT6582)
  • Symphony w68 (MT6572)
  • OPPO R827 (MT6582)
  • Own S3015 (MT6572)
  • TCL D45 (MT6582)
  • Verykool Sl4050 (MT6735)
  • Walton Primo Rm2 (MT6582)

HiSilicon tab:

  • Huawei Mate 8 Nxt-l09

Build 01: Improved Repair security area feature for Alcatel Android smartphones.

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