Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.17.06


New models based on different platforms have been tested and added to the list of supported devices:

Qcom tab:

  • HUAWEI Honor 6 Pro C8817D
  • Alcatel OT-5054s

We improved our recently released method of Repair IMEI for ZTE Hexagon devices. The manual is here.

Android ADB tab:

  • Digicel DL1000 (MT6580)
  • YDX MAXX (MT6582)
  • 4Good S450m 4G (MT6735)
  • Lenovo P70-A (MT6572)
  • Lanix X500b (MT6580)
  • Mobicel Metro II (MT6571)
  • Plum Kingbrand Z350 (MT6572)
  • SKY 4.0LM (MT6735)

HiSilicon tab:

  • Huawei P9

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