Smart-Clip2 Software v.


Qcom tab:

  1. Now it is possible to repair IMEI on some new Alcatel smartphones. This solution was currently tested on:
    • OT-4045a
    • OT-5042a
    • OT-5054a
    • OT-5065a
    • OT-6039a
    • OT-6045a
    • OT-7043a
    • OT-7044a
    • OT-7048a
    • OT-7055a
    • OWN S4035
    • other newest Alcatel smartphones (“a”-models, mostly)
  2. Use Service without rooting manual for those purposes, test new models and show your logs on forum

  3. Released Get bootloader unlock password on Qcom-based Huawei smartphones. Connect phones in the Manufacture mode
  4. Added Change Provider (Vendor/Country) feature for Huawei Qcom devices.

HiSilicon Tab:

  1. Released Get bootloader unlock password for newest HiSilicon-based Huawei devices (P9, Mate 8 etc.)

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