Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.23.00


MTK Tab:

We improved Read unlock codes / Direct unlock / Get bootloader code features for new MTK Huawei smartphones from CUN / LUA / LYO / TAG / TIT group. Please, use the latest software version only for these devices.
*for devices based on MT6735/MT6753

Android ADB Tab:

List of new MTK models supported:

  • BLU LIFE X8 (MT6592)
  • Coolpad E502 (MT6735)
  • FREETEL FT142A (MT6582)
  • Lenovo A916 (MT6592)
  • Nix Lux (MT6580)
  • Mobicel ONYX (MT6572)
  • Wiko Sunset 2 (MT6572)
  • ZTE E10Q (MT8382)

List of new Qcom models supported:

  • Blade Q Lux
  • Micromax q416
  • SoshPhone 4G by Orange

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