Smart-Clip2 Software v.1.26.11


  1. Released flashing via UPGRADE MODE feature for Huawei smartphones based on Qcom and Hisilicon:
    • Press vol+vol- and then connect USB cable to enter the Upgrade mode
    • Possible to use original flash files from open sources, e.g. from here or here.

    Please, use this method as a main method to flash Huawei smartphones.

  2. Released ENABLE DOWNGRADE feature (in Manufacture mode) for Huawei smartphones based on Qcom/Hisilicon.

    You may use it:

    1. To downgrade phone’s firmware version (for example, downgrade from higher to lower one).
      How to do this:
      • Enable downgrade in Manufacture mode
      • Reflash the device in upgrade mode: vol+vol- and connect USB cable
    2. To change phone’s localization (for example, to switch from Operator1 to Operator2).
      How to do this:
      • Change provider settings (in manufacture mode)
      • Enable downgrade (in manufacture mode)
      • Flash the phone with the firmware that fits the selected provider settings (using upgrade mode: vol+vol- and connect USB cable)

This solution is included into Pack5 activation.

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