Smart-Clip2 Software v1.02.00


Smart-Clip2 Software v1.02.00 and Smart-Clip2 firmware v1.02 are out!

We are excited to announce the GREATEST BREAKTHROUGH of this century - Smart-Clip2 Software v1.02.00!

Sigma  Yoda Unlock Method

Explore the most powerful solution in galactic history - new YODA method of unlocking MTK Android smartphones!

This universal solution opens a new page in servicing cell phones based on MT65XX chips!

MTK Platform Update:

1. Released totally new to the market, YODA method of unlock / Get unlock codes* for MTK Android smartphones (via ADB mode).

Exceptional Yoda method of unlocking works with:

  • almost all Android smartphones of different brands based on MT6516 / MT6572 / MT6573 / MT6575 / MT6577 / MT6582 / MT6589 / MT6592 chips;
  • smartphones that can't be unlocked neither with generic unlocking method, nor with unlocking by IMEI;
  • smartphones with blocked counter of code entries attempts / disabled unlock codes entry fields;
  • smartphones that get locked again after master reset operation has been completed;
  • MTK smartphones, solving lots of unlock issues.
Simplified unlock procedure allows to avoid issues with phone connection and searching / installing drivers for every particular new brand.

2. Added Yoda method of Direct unlock and Get unlock codes features (via ADB mode) for the following models:

Motorola smartphones (World's first!):

  • XT303 Motosmart M
  • XT305 Motosmart Me
  • XT389 Motoluxe
  • XT390 Motosmart
  • XT914 RAZR D1
  • XT915 RAZR D1
  • XT916 RAZR D1
  • XT918 RAZR D1
  • XT919 RAZR D3
  • XT920 RAZR D3

Alcatel smartphones (some of these models added World's first):

  • OT-4005D T'POP, OT-4007 Pixi, OT-4007D Pixi, OT-4011 Glory 2S Pro, OT-4016, OT-4016D
  • OT-4030 S'POP, OT-4030D S'POP, OT-4030E S'POP, OT-4030Y S'POP, OT-4110E
  • OT-5020 M`POP, OT-5020D M`POP, OT-5020E M`POP, OT-5020N, OT-5020T, OT-5020W M`POP
  • OT-5021E Soleil, OT-5035 X'Pop, OT-5035D X'Pop, OT-5035E X'Pop, OT-5037, OT-5037E
  • OT-5120
  • OT-6010 Star, OT-6010D Star, OT-6032, OT-6033 Idol Ultra, OT-6033M Idol Ultra, OT-6033Q Idol Ultra
  • OT-6110
  • OT-7024, OT-7024N, OT-7024W, OT-7025, OT-7025D
  • OT-7040, OT-7040D, OT-7040E, OT-7041, OT-7041D, OT-7047, OT-7047D, OT-7047E
  • OT-8020D, OT-970, OT-970H
  • OT-AURUS, OT-M960, OT-MOV2, OT-V861, RPSPG3201, Vodafone 861
  • Vodafone Smart 3, Vodafone Smart 4, Move 2, MTC 960, MTC 970, OT-3201
  • ...other Alcatel smartphones on MT65XX chips

Huawei smartphones:

  • G500 Pro, G610, MS3A MEFAFON LOGIN2, U8836D, Y220, Y320, Y511, Y600
  • ...other Huawei smartphones on MT65XX chips

ZTE smartphones:

  • 861, 875 (Smart mini), 975, Blade C2, Blade G Pro, Blade Q, Blade Q Maxi , Blade Q Mini, Blade Super, Grand X, Grand X Pro, MTN Rave, V821, Mimosa Mini, Mimosa X, Momodesign MD Smart, Movistar one, Orange Reyo, T12, T760, Telstra Smart-Touch 2, Telstra Uno, Tmn Smart A18, V760, V765M LEO Q1 , V793, V795, V807 (Blade C), V809, V8110, V856 , V857, V889M, V889S, V970M, V971, W716
  • ...other ZTE smartphones on MT65XX chips


  • A60+
  • ...other Lenovo smartphones on MT65XX chips

OTHER MTK brands and models:

  • 99% of Android smartphones of all brands on MT65XX chips


Yoda method: any MTK Android smartphone unlocked will be!

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