Smart-Clip2 Software v1.03.01


Qualcomm Platform Update:

Huawei Y340 was added to the list of supported

TI Platform Update:

Added Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI support for new firmware versions of Motorola XT720: STSKT_N_79.11.36R1

MTK Platform Update:

1.The following MTK-based models were added to the list of supported:

  • Amgoo Am215 (MT625A)
  • Avvio 778 (MT6572)
  • Bmobile Tv350 (MT6260)
  • Verykool R16 (MT6252)
  • Plum X210 (MT6572)
  • Telstra EasySmart / ZTE T809 (MT6572)

2. Improved work with phones via ADB mode.
3. Added support for MTK-based smartphones that report fake processor model.
A smartphone can be based on a Mediatek processor, which is being indicated as a chip of another vendor in phone menu / the software reads wrong information about a chip. Counterfeit chips can be usually found in the copies/clones of the top-selling cell phones.

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