Supported Models


Huawei (HiSilicon) Supported Models

KIRIN 710 810 980 990 9905G: ANA-AN00 ANA-L04 ANA-L24 ANA-N24 ANA-N29 ANA-NX9 ANA-TN00 AQM-L21A AQM-TL10 ART-L28 BAH3-L09 EBG-AN00 EBG-AN10 EBG-TN00 EBG-TN10 ELS-AN00 ELS-N04 ELS-NX9 ELS-TN00 HWV33 LIO-AL00 LIO-AN00 LIO-L09 LIO-L29 LIO-N29 LIO-TL00 LIO-TN00 MAR-L22 MRX-AL09 MRX-AL19 MRX-W09 OXF-AN00 OXF-AN10 OXP-AN00 SCMR-AL09 SNE-L21 TAS-AL00 TAS-L09 TAS-L29 TAS-TL00 WLZ-AL10 WLZ-AN00 AKA-AL10 AKA-L29 AQM-AL00 AQM-AL10 AQM-AL10 AQM-LX1 AQM-TL00 ART-AL00 ART-L29 ART-TL00 BAH3-AL00 ELE-AL00 ELE-L04 ELE-L09 ELE-L29 ELE-TL00 Enjoy 10 Enjoy 10 Plus Enjoy 9 Plus Enjoy 9S EVR-AL00 EVR-L29 EVR-N29 EVR-TL00 GLK-LX1 GLK-LX2 GLK-LX3 HLK-AL00 HLK-AL10 HLK-L22 HLK-L29 HLK-TL00 HLK-TL10 HMA-AL00 HMA-L09 HMA-L29 HMA-TL00 Honor 10 Lite Honor 10i Honor 20 Honor 20 Lite Honor 20 Lite RU Honor 20 Pro Honor 20 Youth Edition Honor 20i Honor 20S Honor 30 Pro Honor 30 Pro+ Honor 8x Honor 9C Honor 9X Honor 9x Global Honor 9x Lite Honor 9X Pro Honor Magic 2 Honor Play 3 Honor Play 4 Pro Honor Play 4T Honor Play 4T Pro Honor Tab 5 8.0 Honor V20 Honor V30 Pro Honor View 30 HRY-AL00 HRY-AL00A HRY-AL00T HRY-AL00TA HRY-LX1 HRY-LX1MEB HRY-LX1T HRY-LX2 INE-AL00 INE-LX1 INE-LX1R INE-LX2 INE-LX2R INE-TL00 JDN2-AL00 JDN2-W09 JKM-AL00 JKM-AL10 JKM-AL20 JKM-LX1 JKM-LX2 JKM-LX3 JKM-TL00 JNY-AL10 JNY-L22 JNY-LX1 JNY-LX2 JNY-TL10 JSN-L21 JSN-L22 JSN-L23 JSN-L42 JSN-LX1 JSN-LX2 JSN-LX3 LRA-AL00 LRA-TL00 LTK-LX3 LYA-AL00 LYA-L09 LYA-L29 LYA-TL00 Maimang 7 Maimang 8 MAR-AL00 MAR-L01 MAR-L21 MAR-LX1 MAR-LX2 MAR-LX3A MAR-TL00 Mate 20 Mate 20 Lite Mate 20 Pro Mate 20 RS Mate 20 X Mate 20X Mate 30 Mate 30 Lite Mate 30 Lite Mate 30 Pro Mate 30 Pro 5G Mate 30 RS Mate X Mate Xs MatePad MatePad 10.8 4g MatePad Pro MatePad Pro MatePad Pro 5G Mediapad M5 Lite 8.0 Mediapad M6 10.8 Mediapad M6 8.4 Mediapad M6 Turbo Nova 3i Nova 4e Nova 5 Nova 5 Pro Nova 5i Nova 5i Pro Nova 5T Nova 5T Pro Nova 5Z Nova 6 Nova 6 5G Nova 6 SE Nova 7i Nova Lite 3 Nova Lite 3+ P Smart 2019 P Smart 2020 P Smart Pro P Smart Z P Smart+ P Smart+ 2019 P20 lite 2019 P30 P30 Lite P30 Pro P30 Pro New Edition P40 P40 Lite P40 Lite E P40 Pro P40 Pro+ PCT-AL10 PCT-L29 PCT-TL10 POT-AL00 POT-AL10 POT-L21 POT-L22 POT-L23 POT-LX1 POT-LX2 POT-LX3 POT-TL00 SCM-AL09 SEA-AL00 SEA-AL10 SEA-TL00 SNE-AL00 SNE-L01 SNE-L03 SNE-L23 SNE-LX1 SNE-LX2 SNE-LX3 SNE-TL00 SPL-L29 SPN-AL00 SPN-AL00 SPN-TL00 STK-AL00 STK-L01 STK-L01M STK-L21 STK-L21VHN STK-L22 STK-LX1 STK-LX3 STK-TL00 TNY-TL00 VOG-AL00 VOG-AL10 VOG-L04 VOG-L09 VOG-L29 VOG-TL00 VRD-AL00 Y7p Y8p Y8s Y9 2019 Y9 Prime 2019 Y9S YAL-AL00 YAL-AL00 YAL-AL50 Yal-L21 YAL-L41 Yal-L61 Yal-L71 YAL-TL50
Balong 2k group: 8 Pro AGS2-W09 AGS2-W19 ANE-AL00 ANE-L01 ANE-L22 ANE-L23 ANE-LX2 ANE-LX3 BAC-AL00 BAC-L01 BAC-L02 BAC-L03 BAC-L09 BAC-L21 BAC-L22 BAC-L23 BAC-TL00 BAH2-L09 BAH2-W09 BKL-TL00 BND-AL10 BND-AL10 BND-L21 BND-L24 BND-TL10 BTV-DL09 BTV-L0J BTV-W09 CMR-09 CMR-AL09 CMR-AL19 CMR-W19 D188-L29 DUK-AL00 DUK-AL10 DUK-AL20 DUK-AL30 DUK-L09 DUK-L09 DUK-L29 DUK-TL30 EDI-AL10 EDI-DL00 Edison Enjoy 7S Enjoy 7S Enjoy 8 Plus FIG-AL00 FIG-AL10 FIG-L21 FIG-L22 FIG-LA1 FIG-LX1 FIG-LX2 FIG-lx3 FIG-TL10 FIG-TL10 FLA-AL00 FLA-AL10 FLA-AL20 FLA-L22 FLA-LX2 FLA-LX3 G10 G10 Plus HDN-L09 Honor 7X Honor 8 pro Honor 9 Honor 9 Lite Honor 9i Honor Changwan 7X Honor Note 8 Premium Edition Honor V9 Honor WaterPlay 10.1 Huawei G10 HWI-AL00 HWI-TL00 HWV32 LDN-AL00 LLD-AL10 LLD-L22 LLD-L31 LON-AL00 LON-CL00 LON-L09 LON-L29 LON-TL10B M2-802L M2-803L M2-A01L M2-A01W Maiming 6 Mate 10 Lite Mate 9 Mate 9 Pro Mediapad M2 10 Mediapad M2 8.0 Mediapad M5 10 Pro Mediapad M5 8 MediaPad M5 8.4 Mediapad M5 Lite 10 MediaPad M5 Pro 10.8 Mediapad T5 10 MHA-AL10 MHA-L09 MHA-L29 MHA-TL00 Nova 2 Nova 2 Plus Nova 2i Nova 2s Premium Edition Nova Lite 2 P Smart P10 P10 Plus P20 Lite PIC-AL00 PIC-L09 PIC-L29 PIC-TL00 RNE-AL00 RNE-AL00 RNE-L01 RNE-L02 RNE-L03 RNE-L21 RNE-L22 RNE-L23 SHT-AL09 SHT-W09 STF-AL00 STF-AL10 STF-AL20 STF-L09 STF-L14 STF-L19 STF-L29 STF-L39 STF-TL10 VKY-AL00 VKY-L09 VKY-L29 VTR-AL00 VTR-L09 VTR-L29 VTR-TL00 Y9 2018
Balong group: 402HW 403hw 7D-501L 7D-501u 7D-503L 7D-503LT 7D-504L ALE-CL00 ALE-L01 ALE-L02 ALE-L03 ALE-L21 ALE-L22 ALE-L23 ALE-L32 ALE-L34 ALE-L52 ALE-L53 ALE-L62 ALE-TL00 ALE-UL00 Ascend D2 Ascend P2 BLL-L21 BLL-L22 BLN-AL40 BLN-L21 BLN-L24 BNL-L21 CAM-L03 CAM-L21 CAM-L23 CAM-TL00H CAM-UL00 CAM-UL10 CHC-U01 CHC-U03 CHC-U23 Che2-L03 Che2-L11 Che2-L12 Che2-L23 Che2-TL00 Che2-TL00H Che2-TL00M Che2-TL10 Che2-TL10M Che2-UL00 Che2-UL10 CHM-CL00 CHM-CL10 CHM-TL00 CHM-TL00H CHM-TL10 CHM-TL10H CHM-U01 CHM-U23 CHM-UL00 CHM-UL10 CRR-CL00 CRR-CL20 CRR-L09 CRR-TL00 CRR-UL00 CRR-UL20 D2-0082 D2-5000 D2-6070 D2-6114 DAV-701L DAV-702L DAV-703L DAV-713L dtab Compact d-02H EDI-AL10 EVA-AL00 EVA-AL10 EVA-L09 EVA-L19 EVA-L29 EVA-TL00 EVA-xxx FRD-AL10 FRD-L09 G Play G play mini G735-L03 G735-L11 G735-L12 G735-L23 GEM-701L GEM-702L GEM-703L Glory 6+ GR5 2017 GRA-CL00 GRA-CL10 GRA-L03 GRA-L09 GRA-L13 GRA-TL00 GRA-TL10 GRA-UL00 GRA-UL10 GT3 H30-L01 H30-L01M H30-L02 H30-L11 H30-L12 H60-J1 H60-L01 H60-L02 H60-L03 H60-L04 H60-L11 H60-L12 H60-L21 Honor 3C Honor 4C Honor 4C Play Honor 4X Honor 5A Honor 5C Honor 6 Honor 6 Plus Honor 6X Honor 7 Honor 7 Lite Honor 7 Premium Edition Honor 7 Standard Edition Honor 7 Standard Edition Dual SIM Honor 8 Honor 8 Lite Honor 8 Lite 2017 Honor 8 smart Honor 8 Youth Edition Honor 8 Youth Edition Honor 8V Honor c5 Honor Holly 3 Honor Holly 3+ Honor Magic Honor Magic Honor Magic Honor Note 8 Honor Spree 4x Dual SIM Honor V8 HW-SCL-L32 hwv31 JAZZ-L09 Jazz-TL00 Jazz-TL10 Jazz-TL20 Jazz-UL00 KNT-AL10 KNT-AL20 LUMIERE 503HW Mate 2 Mate 7 Mate 7 Dual Mate 8 Mate 9 Lite Mate S MediaPad 10 Link+ Mediapad M1 8.0 MediaPad M2-801l Mediapad M3 Mediapad X1 7.0 Mediapad X2 MT2-U071 MT2-U071 MT7-J1 MT7-L09 MT7-L09 MT7-L11 MT7-TL00 MT7-TL00 MT7-TL10 MT7-TL10A MT7-TL20 MT7-UL00 NEM-AL10 NEM-L21 NEM-L22 NEM-L31 NEM-L51 NEM-TL00 NEM-UL10 NMO-L01 NMO-L02 NMO-L03 NMO-L21 NMO-L22 NMO-L23 NMO-L31 NMO-L51 Nova Lite NTS-AL00 NTS-AL00 NXT-AL10A NXT-AL10B NXT-CL00B NXT-DL00A Nxt-l09 NXT-L09A NXT-L09B NXT-L29 NXT-TL00A P10 Lite P2-6011 P2-6013 P2-6070 P6S-U00 P6S-U04 P6S-U06 P7 P7-L00 P7-L05 P7-L07 P7-L09 P7-L10 P7-L11 P7-L12 P7-L15 P7-L18 P8 P8 lite 2017 P8 Max 4G P8 Premium Edition P8 Standard Edition P8-Lite P9 P9 Lite P9 Lite P9 Lite 2017 P9 Plus P9 premium edition PE-CL00 PE-CL10 PE-TL00M PE-TL10 PE-TL20 PE-UL00 Pine-CL00 Pine-CL10 Pine-TL00M Pine-TL10 Pine-TL20 Pine-UL00 PLK-AL10 PLK-C00 PLK-CL00 PLK-L01 PLK-L11 PLK-L21 PLK-TL00 PLK-TL01H PLK-TL01H PLK-TL11H PLK-UL00 PLK-UL10 PRA-AL00 PRA-AL00X PRA-LA1 PRA-LX1 PRA-LX2 PRA-LX3 PRA-TL10 Prague S8-301L S8-301LM S8-301u S8-302L S8-303L S8-304LD S8-306L S8-30xL VEN-L22 VIE-AL10 VIE-L09 VIE-L29 VNS-L01 VNS-L02 VNS-L03 VNS-L11 VNS-L21 VNS-L22 VNS-L31 VNS-L53 WAS-AL00 WAS-LX1 WAS-LX1A WAS-LX3 Washington Y6II
Hi-Silicon: Ascend D1 Ascend D1 Quad Ascend G615 Ascend Mate Ascend P1 Ascend P6-U00 Ascend P6-U06 HN3-U00 HN3-U01 Honor 2 Honor 3 Honor III Honor Quad MT1-U06 U9200-1 U9200E U9500-1 U9508 U9510 U9510E
KIRIN970: ALP-AL00 ALP-L09 ALP-L29 ALP-TL00 BKL-AL00 BKL-AL20 BKL-L09 BKL-TL20 BLA-A09 BLA-AL00 BLA-L09 BLA-L29 BLA-TL00 CLT-L04 CLT-L09 CLT-L29 COL-AL10 COL-L29 COL-TL00 COL-TL10 COR-AL00 COR-L29 COR-TL10 EML-AL00 EML-L09 EML-L22 EML-L29 EML-TL00 Honor 10 Honor 10 GT Honor Note 10 Honor Play Honor View 10 Mate 10 Mate 10 Pro Mate RS Porshe Nova 3 Nova 4 High Nova 4 Standard P20 P20 Pro PAR-AL00 PAR-LX1 PAR-LX9 PAR-TL20 RVL-AL10

Huawei (ADB Mode) Supported Models

Hi-Silicon: Ascend D1 Quad XL
Qcom 2k group: AGS-L03 AGS-L09 Ags-w09 ARE-AL00 ARS-L22 ARS-LX2 ATU-AL10 ATU-L21 ATU-LX1 AUM-AL00 AUM-AL20 AUM-L29 AUM-TL20 BAH-AL00 BAH-L01 BAH-L09 BAH-W09 BKK-AL00 BKK-AL10 BKK-L21 BKK-LX1 BKK-TL00 BZA-L00 BZA-W00 BZK-L00 CAN-AL00 CAN-AL10 CAN-L01 CAN-L02 CAN-L03 CAN-L11 CAN-L12 CAN-L13 CAN-TL10 CAN-TL20 CAZ-AL00 Changwan 7A Changwan 7C CPN-AL00 CPN-L09 CPN-W09 DELHI-AL10A Diego DIG-AL00 DIG-L01 DIG-L03 DIG-L21 DIG-L22 DIG-L23 DIG-TL10 DUB-AL00 DUB-AL20 DUB-L21 DUB-L22 DUB-LX1 DUB-LX2 DUB-TL00 Elate Enjoy 6S Enjoy 7 ENJOY 7 PLUS Enjoy 9 G9 Plus GR3 2017 Honor 6A Honor 6C Honor 7A Honor 7A Pro Honor 7C Honor 7c Pro Honor 8C Honor 8X Max Honor Changwan 8C Honor Play 7A KOB-L09 KOB-W09 LDN-L01 LDN-L21 LDN-LX3 LLD-AL30 LND-AL30 LND-AL40 Maimang 5 MediaPad C5 MediaPad M3 Lite 10 MediaPad M3 lite 8.0 MediaPad T3 MediaPad T3 MediaPad T3 10 2017 MLA-AL00 MLA-AL10 MLA-CL00 MLA-L01 MLA-L02 MLA-L03 MLA-L11 MLA-L12 MLA-L13 MLA-TL00 MLA-TL10 MLA-UL00 MON-W19 Nova Nova 2 lite Nova Lite+ Nova Plus Nova Plus Nova Smart P9 lite mini P9 Lite Smart SLA-AL00 SLA-L02 SLA-L03 SLA-L22 SLA-L23 SLA-TL00 SLA-TL10 TOR-A1 TOR-A2 TRT-AL00 TRT-L01 TRT-L03 TRT-L21 TRT-L22 TRT-L23 TRT-L53 TRT-LX1 TRT-LX2 TRT-TL00 TRT-TL10 Y Max Y6 2018 Y6 prime 2018 Y6 Pro 2017 Y7 2017 Y7 2018 Y7 2019 Y7 Prime 2017 Y7 Prime 2018 Y7 Prime 2019 Y7 Pro 2019
Qcom Android New Models: 606HW ALE-L04 Ascend D LTE Ascend Mate 2 Ascend Mate2 4G Ascend P1 LTE ASCEND XT Ascend Y530-U00 Ascend Y530-U051 ATH-UL01 Ath-ul06 CAM-AL00 CAM-L32 Che1-CL10 Che1-CL20 Che1-L04 DLI-L22 DLI-L42 FDR-A01L FDR-A03L FDR-A04L FDR-A05L G526 G527-U081 G535 G535-L11 G6-L11 G6-L22 G6-L33 G6-U00 G6-U10 G6-U251 G6-U34 G615 G615-U10 G620-A2 G620-L72 G620-L75 G620S G620S-L01 G620S-L02 G620S-L03 G620S-UL00 G621 G621-TL00 G621-TL00M G630 G630-T00 G630-U00 G630-U10 G630-U20 G630-U251 G630-U30 G7 G7 Plus G7-L01 G7-L02 G7-L03 G7-L11 G7-UL10 G7-UL20 G716 G740 G740-L00 G760-L02 G8 G9 Lite GR5 GX8 H1611 Holly 4 Plus Honor 4A Honor 4X Honor 5A Honor 5X Honor 6 Pro Honor 6A Pro Honor 7i Honor Holly 4 HW-01E JDN-AL00 JDN-L01 Kestrel KII-L05 KII-L21 KII-L22 KII-L23 KII-L33 KIW-AL10 KIW-AL10G KIW-AL20 KIW-L21 KIW-L22 KIW-L23 KIW-L24 KIW-TL00 KIW-TL00H KIW-UL00 KLL-L21 KLL-L22 MediaPad 7 Youth2 MediaPad M2 10.1 Youth Mediapad S7-301u MediaPad T1 10.0 MediaPad T1 8.0 Pro MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro MediaPad T2 7 Pro MediaPad T2 8.0 Pro MT2L03 PLE-701L RIO-L01 RIO-L02 RIO-L03 RIO-TL00 S7-302u S7-303u S7-312u S7-721u S7-722u S8-701u SCC-U21 SCL-AL00 SCL-L01 SCL-L02 SCL-L03 SCL-L04 SCL-L21 SCL-u31 ShotX SnapTo SoftBank Huawei Stream 201HW T-Mobile Prism II T1-821L T1-A21L T1-a22l U8686 U9201L U9202L U9501L Ultym5 VNS-AL00 Y301-A1 Valiant Y301-A2 Vitria Y336-A1 Y340 Y340-U081 Y536-A1 Y536A1 AT&T Tribute Y538 Y538-A1 Y540 Y540-U01 Y550-L01 Y550-L02 Y550-L03 Y550-L13 Y635-L02 Y635-L03 Y6ii Youth2

Huawei (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: F316 F361 G20 G2800 G2800S G3500 G3501 G3510 G3510m G3510s G3511 G3512 G3610 G3620 G3621 G3621L G3622 G5000 G5000D G5000S G5010 G5161 G5500 G5510 G5520 G5521 G5726 G5760 G5760 G5760s G6 G6003 G6005 G6006 G6007 G6150 G6150a G6151 G6153 G6210 G6300 G6310 G6600 G6600+ G6600D G6603 G6605 G6608 G6609 G660D G6610 G6610v G6620 G6622 G6800 G7002 G7005 G7007 G7010 G7010S G7050 G7062 G7105 G7206 G7210 G7220 G7300 G7300E G7600 T330 T710 T711
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Accent Speed X2 BG2-W09 CAG-L02 CAG-L03 CAG-L22 CAG-L23 CRO-L02 CRO-L03 CRO-L22 CRO-L23 CRO-U00 CUN-L01 CUN-L02 CUN-L03 CUN-L03 CUN-L21 CUN-L22 CUN-L23 CUN-L33 CUN-U29 DRA-AL00 DRA-L01 DRA-L02 DRA-L03 DRA-L21 DRA-L22 DRA-L42 DRA-LX2 DRA-LX3 DRA-LX5 DUA-AL00 DUA-L21 DUA-L22 DUA-LX2 DUA-LX3 DUA-TL00 Enjoy 5 Enjoy 5S Enjoy 5S Enjoy 8e Youth G302D U8812D G500 Pro G610 G610s G700 G730 GR3 GR3 4G H30-T00 Hol-U19 Holly 2 Plus Honor 3C H30-U10 Honor 3C Play Honor 3X G750 Honor 3X Pro Honor 4C Pro Honor 7s Honor Changwan 7 Honor Holly Honor Play 7 LUA-L01 LUA-L02 LUA-L03 LUA-L13 LUA-L21 LUA-L22 LUA-L23 LUA-U02 LUA-U03 LUA-U22 LUA-U23 LYO-L01 LYO-L01 LYO-L02 LYO-L02 LYO-L21 LYO-L21 MYA-L02 MYA-L03 MYA-L11 MYA-L22 MYA-L23 MYA-L41 MYA-U29 Nova Young P8 LITE SMART TAG-AL00 TAG-L01 TAG-L01 TAG-L03 TAG-L13 TAG-L21 TAG-L22 TAG-L23 TAG-L32 Tango TIT-AL00 TIT-CL00 TIT-CL10 TIT-L01 TIT-TL00 TIT-U02 U8836D Y220 Y221 Y3 2017 Y3 2018 Y320 Y321 Y330 Y330-C00 Y330-U01 Y330-U05 Y330-U07 Y330-U08 Y330-U09 Y330-U11 Y330-U15 Y330-U17 Y360-U03 Y360-U03 Y360-U23 Y360-U82 Y3II Y5 2017 Y5 2018 Y5 Prime 2018 Y511 Y520 Y540-U01 Y5II Y5II Y6 2017 Y6 Elite Y6 Pro Y600 Y6II compact Y6Pro
MT6XXX New: AMN-AL10 AMN-L03 AMN-L21 AMN-L22 AMN-L23 AMN-L29 AMN-LX1 AMN-LX3 AMN-LX9 Enjoy 9e Honor 8A Honor 8A Pro Honor 8S Honor Play 3E Honor Play 8A JAT-AL00 JAT-L21 JAT-L29 JAT-L41 JAT-LX1 Kansas KSA-AL00 KSA-AL10 KSA-L22 KSA-L23 KSA-L29 KSA-LX9 KSA-TL00 KSE-LX9 Madrid MRD-AL00 MRD-L03 MRD-L11 MRD-L21 MRD-L41 MRD-LX1 MRD-LX1F MRD-LX2 MRD-LX3 MRD-TL00 Y5 2019 Y6 2019 Y6 Prime 2019 Y6 Pro 2019

Huawei (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom 2k group: FDR-A01W Mediapad M2 7.0 Mediapad T1 10.0 Mediapad T2 10.0 Pro PLE-703 T1-A23L
Qcom Android: T-Mobile Move Balance Unite Q 007HW Ascend G300 Ascend G300C Ascend G301 Ascend G330D Ascend G520 Ascend G525 Ascend II Ascend Y100 Ascend Y101 Ascend Y200 Ascend Y201 Ascend Y201 Pro Ascend Y210 Ascend Y300 Ascent G312 Astro Beeline E300 Blaze Boulder Buddy C8150 C8500 C8500S C8511 C8550 C8650 C8650 Plus C8800 C8813 C8860E CHT8000 Cloudfone Temptation Fusion Fusion 2 Gaga Globe Cloudfone Ice Honor Honor Plus + Huawei Ideos X5 HWM835 Ideos Ideos Chat Ideos X1 Ideos X3 Impulse 4G Ivy Joy Juni Kavak Kyivstar Aqua Kyivstar Terra M835 M860 Ascend M865 MegaFon NEO Phoenix Pro Pulse Mini RBM2 RBM3 S31HW Softbank Selina Smile Sonic Sonic Plus SPARK Speed T-Mobile Ascend G312 T-Mobile Comet T-Mobile myTouch T-Mobile myTouch Q T-mobile Prism T-Mobile Pulse T-Mobile Pulse Mini T-Mobile Pulse mini T-Mobile Rapport TMN A1 Turkcell T20 U8100 U8100-5 U8100-9 U8105 U8107 U8109 U8110 U8120 U8150 U8150-92 U8160 U8160-U U8180 U8180-5 U8180v U8185 U8186 U8220 U8220 PLUS U8225D life:) Belarus U8230 U8300 U8350 U8500 U8510 U8510-0 U8510-1 U8510-7 U8511 U8520 Deuce U8520 Duplex U8530 U8600 U8650 U8650-1 U8651 U8651S U8651T U8652 U8652-51 U8655 U8655-1 U8660 U8661 U8665 U8666 U8666E U8666N-1 U8667 U8680 U8681 U8685D U8687 U8730 U8800 U8800 Pro U8800-51 U8800H U8815 U8816 U8818 U8820 U8825D U8833 U8850 U8860 u8867z U8950 Ascend G600 U8950D Ascend G600D U8951 Ascend G510 U8951D Ascend G510 U9000 UM840 V845 Vision Vodafone 858 Smart Y201D Y210D Y5 Y560-L01 Y560-L02 Y560-L02 Y625-U13 Y625-U21 Y625-U32 Y625-U43 y625-u51
Qcom phone: U1000 U1000s U1005 U1105 U120 U1205 U120e U121 U1211 U1215 U1220s U1250 U1251 U1259 U1270 U1280 U1280E U1285 U1300 U1305 U1307 U1309 U1310 U1315 U2800 U2801 U3100 U3100-1 U3100-5 U3100-7 U3100-d U3200 U3200-9 U3200-S U3200S U3205 U3300 U3305 U3310 U3311 U3315 U3315h U3317 U5110 U5110e U5120 U550 U5510 U5700 U5705 U5707 U5900 U6100 U6150 U7200 U7300 U7310 U7310S U7315 U7510 U7510-o U7515 U7517 U7519 U7520 U7520-5 U7520-7 U7520-D U9105 U9120 U9130
Qcom tablet: IDEOS S7 Slim: S7-201u IDEOS S7 Slim: S7-201w Mediapad S7 S7-101 Mediapad S7 S7-103 Mediapad S7 S7-104 Mediapad S7 S7-105 Mediapad S7 S7-106

Huawei (Spreadtrum) Supported Models

Spreadtrum Android: BG2-U01 BG2-U03 BGO-DL09 BGO-L03 Mediapad T2 7.0 MediaPad T3 7 MediaPad T3 7

Motorola (Qualcomm) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon: XT2029-1 Droid Maxx 2 Droid Turbo 2 E4 Plus G Forte G Turbo G4 G4 Plus G5 Plus G6 Play Moto E Moto E (2nd Gen) Moto E4 Moto E4 Plus Moto E5 Moto E5 Play Moto E5 Plus Moto G Moto G (2nd Gen) MOTO G3 Moto G5 Moto G5 Plus Moto G5s Moto G5s Plus Moto G7 Moto G7 Plus Moto Maxx Moto Turbo Moto X (2nd Gen) Moto X Play Moto X Style Moto X+1 moto x4 Moto X4 2018 Moto Z Moto Z2 Force River XT1008 XT1021 XT1022 XT1023 XT1025 XT1032 XT1033 XT1035 XT1039 XT1040 XT1045 XT1063 XT1064 XT1068 XT1069 XT1072 XT1077 XT1078? XT1079 XT1092 XT1093 XT1095 XT1097 XT1225 XT1254 XT1506 XT1521 XT1523 XT1524 XT1526 XT1527 XT1528 XT1540 XT1541 XT1542 XT1543 XT1544 XT1548 XT1550 XT1557 XT1562 XT1563 XT1565 XT1572 XT1575 XT1580 XT1585 XT1600 XT1601 XT1602 XT1603 XT1604 XT1607 XT1609 XT1621 XT1622 XT1624 XT1625 XT1626 XT1635 XT1640 XT1641 XT1642 XT1643 XT1644 XT1650 XT1655 XT1670 XT1671 XT1672 XT1675 XT1676 XT1677 XT1681 XT1683 XT1685 XT1686 XT1687 XT1706 XT1710 XT1765 XT1766 XT1767 Xt1768 XT1774 XT1789 XT1789 XT1791 XT1792 XT1793 XT1794 XT1795 XT1797 XT1800 XT1801 XT1802 XT1803 XT1804 XT1805 XT1806 XT1900-1 XT1900-2 XT1900-4 XT1900-5 XT1900-6 XT1900-7 XT1920-15 XT1920-16 XT1920-18 XT1920-19 XT1920DL XT1921-6 XT1921-8 XT1922-4 XT1922-7 XT1924 XT1924-8 (Sprint) XT1925 XT1926 XT1929 XT1944 XT1962-1 XT1962-4 XT1962-5 XT1962-6 XT1965-2 XT1965-3 XT2013-1 Z Play Z2 Force Z3 Play
Qcom Android: A956 DROID 2 Global EX130 EX131 EX132 EX133 EX232 ISW11M MB200 MB200 Cliq MB220 Dext MB300 Backflip MB501 Cliq XT MB612 XPRT MB853 ELECTRIFY MB855 PHOTON 4G MB860 ATRIX 4G MB861 ATRIX MB867 Milestone X2 ME501 Quench ME600 Backflip ME600 Motus ME860 ATRIX Milestone Plus XT609 MZ601 XOOM 3G MZ603 XOOM 3G MZ605 XOOM 3G XT3 QUENCH XT300 SPICE XT311 FIRE XT315 Fire XT316 MOTO XT316 SPICE Key XT317 FIRE XT318 XT319 MOTO XT320 DEFY MINI XT321 DEFY MINI XT326 XT327 XT5 QUENCH XT500 XT502 XT505 Go Slim XT527 XT530 FIRE XT XT531 MOTO XT531 SPICE XT XT532 MOTO XT535 DEFY XT XT536 XT550 MOTOSMART MIX XT551 XT556 DEFY XT XT557 DEFY XT XT560 DEFY PRO XT561 XT610 DROID PRO XT610 PRO XT611 MOTOSMART Flip XT615 MOTO XT615 MOTOLUXE XT615 MOTOSMART PLUS XT618 XT682 ATRIX TV XT685 MOTOLUXE XT687 XT780 XT882 MOTO
Qcom phone: EX300

Motorola (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon: Atrix 3 HD Atrix HD LTE DROID MINI DROID RAZR M 4G LTE DROID ULTRA DROID ULTRA MAXX MB886 Moto X Photon Q 4G LTE RAZR HD RAZR M RAZR MAXX HD Softbank 201M XT1030 XT1052 XT1053 XT1055 XT1056 XT1058 XT1060 XT1080 XT1080M XT897 XT902 XT905 XT907 XT925 XT926
TI: A853 Milestone A853 Milestone LatAm A953 MILESTONE 2 MB502 Charm LatAm MB502 Charm US MB508 Flipside MB511 Flipout MB511 Flipout at&t MB520 Bravo MB525 Defy MB526 Defy Plus MB611 Cliq 2 ME511 Ruth ME525 Defy ME525 Defy Plus ME722 MILESTONE 2 XT701 Sholes Tablet XT702 Milestone XT711 Sholes Tablet XT720 Milestone XT720 MOTOROI
TI new models: ME863 MILESTONE 3 MT917 XT860 MILESTONE 3 XT862 DROID 3 XT881 Electrify 2 XT883 DROID 3 XT885 RAZR V XT886 RAZR V XT889 RAZR V XT894 DROID 4 XT910 RAZR XT912 DROID RAZR XT928 Dinara

Motorola (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX EX-series: EX108 EX109 EX112 EX115 EX116 EX117 EX118 EX119 EX122 EX126 EX128 EX139 EX211 EX212 EX223 EX245 EX292 GLEAM MOTOKEY Mini MOTOKEY WiFi MOTOKEY XT MotoTV
MT62XX WX-series: GLEAM+ WX160 WX161 WX180 WX181 WX260 WX265 WX280 WX288 WX290 WX294 WX295 WX306 WX308 WX345 WX346 WX390 WX395
MT65xx-MT8XXX: MOTOSMART MOD11 XT303 Motosmart M XT305 Motosmart Me XT389 Motoluxe XT390 Motosmart XT914 RAZR D1 XT915 RAZR D1 XT916 RAZR D1 XT918 RAZR D1 XT919 RAZR D3 XT920 RAZR D3
MT6XXX New: Moto C Moto C Plus Moto E Moto E Plus Moto E3 Moto E3 Power Moto E4 Moto E4 Plus XT1700 XT1706 XT1721 XT1723 XT1724 XT1725 XT1750 XT1754 XT1755 XT1756 XT1757 XT1758 XT1760 XT1761 XT1762 XT1763 XT1764 XT1769 XT1770 XT1771 XT1772 XT1773

Alcatel (Broadcom) Supported Models

Broadcom: OT-906 OT-906Y OT-913 OT-927 OT-978 OT-979 OT-983 V860

Alcatel (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): F112g OT-1009 OT-1010 OT-1011 OT-1012 OT-1013 OT-1013X OT-1030 OT-1035 OT-1040 OT-1041 OT-1042 OT-1045 OT-1045g OT-1045g OT-1046 OT-1046G OT-1052G OT-2000 OT-2001 OT-2004 OT-2004C OT-2005 OT-2007 OT-2010 OT-2012 OT-2012g OT-3000 OT-3000G OT-3000H OT-3001 OT-3002 OT-3003 OT-3020 OT-3020D OT-3020G OT-3035 OT-3040 OT-3041 OT-3042 OT-3142 OT-639g OT-I210 OT-I310 OT-J100 Virgin VM585
MT6276 & MT6255: OT-3074 OT-3075 OT-382 OT-510 OT-655 OT-655W OT-768 OT-815 OT-815D OT-870 OT-870F OT-871 OT-875 OT-902 OT-A205 OT-A382 OT-A383 OT-A875 OT-M665 OT-V575
MT62XX: MSX10 OT-090 OT-103 OT-104 OT-105 OT-106 OT-108 OT-109 OT-112 OT-113 OT-117 OT-132 OT-140 OT-150 OT-1801 OT-203 OT-203E OT-204 OT-205 OT-206 OT-208 OT-209 OT-2117 OT-213 OT-214 OT-214W OT-216 OT-217 OT-217D OT-222 OT-223 OT-228 OT-228D OT-232 OT-233 OT-250 OT-252 OT-255 OT-255D OT-262 OT-268 OT-280 OT-282 OT-292 OT-296 OT-297 OT-300 OT-301 OT-303 OT-304 OT-305 OT-306 OT-308 OT-310 OT-311 OT-312 OT-315 OT-315M OT-317D OT-318D OT-319 OT-322 OT-322D OT-352 OT-355 OT-355D OT-356 OT-358 OT-358D OT-360 OT-361 OT-362 OT-363 OT-380 OT-383 OT-385 OT-385D OT-385J OT-390 OT-455 OT-505 OT-505K OT-506 OT-506D OT-508 OT-5185 OT-540 OT-543 OT-565 OT-565K OT-585 OT-585A OT-585D OT-585DF OT-585F OT-595 OT-595D OT-600 OT-602 OT-602D OT-605 OT-605D OT-606 OT-633 OT-639D OT-650 OT-660 OT-665 OT-668 OT-706 OT-708 OT-710 OT-710D OT-710K OT-7110 OT-720 OT-720D OT-799 OT-800 OT-802 OT-802Y OT-803 OT-803D OT-803F OT-806 OT-806D OT-807 OT-807D OT-808 OT-808M OT-809 OT-810 OT-8107 OT-810D OT-810F OT-813 OT-813D OT-813F OT-818 OT-818D OT-819D OT-828 OT-838 OT-880 OT-888 OT-888D OT-900 OT-901 OT-905 OT-905D OT-907 OT-907D OT-AM01 OT-B331 OT-C700 OT-C701 OT-C707 OT-C710D OT-C717 OT-C818 OT-C819D OT-EL05 OT-F0Z9 OT-F101 OT-F115 OT-F117 OT-F121 OT-F122 OT-F123 OT-F152 OT-F153 OT-F262 OT-F330 OT-F331 OT-F344 OT-I21 OT-I31 OT-I606 OT-I650 OT-I780 OT-I802 OT-I808 OT-I818 OT-I880 OT-I888 OT-I898 OT-I900 OT-I905 OT-J10 OT-KR01 OT-M298 OT-MD01 OT-MD02 OT-MS01 OT-MS02 OT-Q3 OT-Q5 OT-S122 OT-S215 OT-S218 OT-S319 OT-S320 OT-S321 OT-S520 OT-S521 OT-S621 OT-S626 OT-T208 OT-T218 OT-T255 OT-T268 OT-T355 OT-V155 OT-V345 OT-V350 OT-V354 OT-V355 OT-V555 OT-V570 OT-V607 OT-V670 OT-V770 TCL Q5 TCL T66 TCL-T268 VM202 VM363 VM560 VM621i VM800
MT6516: OT-819 OT-890 OT-890D OT-890G OT-891 OT-891G OT-A890 OT-A890D OT-A890G TCL A890 TCL A890 2SIM
MT657X-MT658X Old: Optimus Helsinki OT-903 OT-903D OT-916 OT-916D OT-918 OT-918D OT-918M OT-918N OT-919 OT-922 OT-928 OT-928D OT-975Y OT-985 OT-985D OT-991 OT-991D OT-991T OT-992 OT-992D OT-997 OT-997D OT-998 OT-A919 OT-A966 OT-A980 OT-A986 OT-C918 OT-C919 OT-C985 OT-C997 OT-J330 OT-J610 OT-J720 OT-J920 OT-MS3B OT-P310 OT-S500 OT-S600 OT-S710 OT-S800 OT-S810 OT-S820 OT-S850 OT-S950 OT-W939 OT-W969 OT-Y910 TCL A919 TCL A966 TCL A980 TCL A986 TCL J610 TCL J720 TCL J920 TCL S500 TCL S600 TCL S710 TCL S800 TCL S810 TCL S820 TCL S850 TCL W939 TCL W969 TCLJ330
MT6XXX New: 1 1C 1X 3 3C 3L 3T 8 3V 4013D 4047A 4047g 4049G 5 4055 5008 5009 5023 5026 5033 5034 5041C 5041D 5042T 5044GO 5044N 5044RG 5045A 5045D 5049S(Amazon) 5049S(OM) 5049W 5049Z 5052 5052W 5059 5059R 5059Z 5060 5080 5085C 5085G 5085G(OM) 5085O 7 7 5086 5090 5095 5099 5116 5133 5138 5152 5159 5186 5199 5V 6060 6060C 6062 6062W 6062Z 7071 9027 9027G 9027W A3 PLUS A466T A5 A50 A7 A7 XL Astro DL900 Flash FL03 Flash Plus FL02 I216X idealXtra IDOL 5 Lume M?? 982T MetroPCS A30 Fierce Move 2 One Touch POP C1 One Touch Evolve One Touch Evolve 2 One Touch Glory 2S Pro One Touch Hero One Touch Hero 2 One Touch Idol One Touch IDOL 2 One Touch Idol Alpha One Touch Idol Mini One Touch Idol Ultra One Touch IDOL X One Touch IDOL X+ One Touch M’POP One Touch One Touch Fierce One Touch Pixi One Touch Pixi 3 One Touch PIXI 4 6.0 One Touch Pixi 7 One Touch POP 7 One Touch Pop 8 One Touch Pop C1 One Touch POP C2 One Touch POP C5 One Touch POP C5 TV One Touch POP C7 One Touch POP C9 One Touch POP D1 One Touch POP D3 One Touch POP D5 One Touch Pop Icon One Touch POP S7 One Touch S'POP One Touch Scribe HD One Touch Snap One Touch Soleil One Touch Star One Touch Star One Touch T'POP One Touch X'Pop OneTouch Idol 2 Mini OneTouch POP C3 OT-3201 OT-4003 OT-4003J OT-4005D OT-4007 OT-4007D OT-4009A OT-4009D OT-4009E OT-4009F OT-4009I OT-4009K OT-4009M OT-4009S OT-4010 OT-4010D OT-4010E OT-4011 OT-4013 OT-4013M OT-4014 OT-4015 OT-4015D OT-4015N OT-4015T OT-4016 OT-4016D OT-4017 OT-4017D OT-4018 OT-4022D OT-4027 OT-4027a OT-4027D OT-4027N OT-4028 OT-4030 OT-4030D OT-4030E OT-4030Y OT-4031D OT-4032 OT-4032D OT-4032E OT-4033 OT-4033D OT-4033E OT-4033L OT-4034 OT-4034D OT-4034E OT-4034F OT-4034G OT-4034M OT-4034N OT-4035D OT-4036E OT-4037 OT-4037N OT-4037R OT-4037T OT-4047 OT-4110E OT-4118 OT-5010 OT-5010D OT-5010E OT-5010G OT-5010S OT-5010U OT-5011 OT-5012 OT-5012F OT-5012G OT-5015 OT-5015D OT-5015E OT-5016 OT-5017 OT-5017A OT-5017D OT-5017E OT-5017O OT-5017W OT-5020 OT-5020D OT-5020E OT-5020N OT-5020T OT-5020W OT-5021E OT-5022 OT-5022D OT-5025 OT-5025D OT-5025E OT-5025G OT-5035 OT-5035D OT-5035E OT-5036 OT-5036B OT-5036D OT-5036F OT-5037 Ot-5037a OT-5037E OT-5038 OT-5042T OT-5044 OT-5044D OT-5044I OT-5044O OT-5044P OT-5044T OT-5044Y OT-5045 OT-5045D OT-5045F OT-5045G OT-5045J OT-5045T OT-5045Y OT-5046 OT-5046D OT-5046I OT-5046J OT-5046U OT-5046Y OT-5047 OT-5047D OT-5047I OT-5047U OT-5047Y OT-5049 OT-5049E OT-5049G OT-5085 OT-5085B OT-5085D OT-5085I OT-5085J OT-5085N OT-5085Q OT-5085Y OT-5090 OT-5090I OT-5090Y OT-5095 OT-5095I OT-5095K OT-5095Y OT-5120 OT-5144 OT-5144O OT-6010 OT-6010D OT-6012 OT-6012D OT-6012E OT-6030 OT-6030D OT-6032 OT-6033 OT-6033M OT-6033Q OT-6037 OT-6037B OT-6037K OT-6037Y OT-6040D OT-6040E OT-6043 OT-6043D OT-6058 OT-6058D OT-6110 OT-7024 OT-7024N OT-7024R OT-7024W OT-7025 OT-7025D OT-7040 OT-7040D OT-7040E OT-7041 OT-7041D OT-7042 OT-7042D OT-7042E OT-7045 OT-7045Y OT-7047 OT-7047D OT-7047E OT-7070 OT-7147 OT-7147E OT-8008 OT-8008D OT-8008W OT-8020 OT-8020D OT-8030 OT-8030B OT-8030Y OT-8050 OT-8050D OT-8050E OT-8050G OT-8050J OT-8053 OT-8059 OT-8062 OT-8063 OT-8072 OT-8079 OT-8262 OT-9002 OT-9003 OT-9005 OT-9008 OT-9010 OT-9025 OT-9026 OT-9108 OT-9203 OT-970 OT-970H OT-A460T OT-AURUS OT-D820 OT-FL02 OT-I216 OT-i216a OT-J320 OT-J720 OT-J726 OT-J920 OT-J926 OT-M960 OT-MOV2 OT-P310 OT-P312 OT-P320 OT-P321 OT-P322 OT-P323 OT-S66 OT-V300 OT-V301 OT-V502 OT-V610 OT-V861 OT-V985 OT-V985N PIXI 3 (3.5) Pixi 3 (4.5) Pixi 4 (6) 8050G Pixi 4 Plus Power POP 4S Pulsemix REVVL 2 RPSPG3201 Shine Lite Smart prime 7 T-Mobile REVVL T700 TCL 4034A TCL 5015A TCL 5017X TCL 5025D TCL 5025G TCL 5042T TCL 520 TCL 562 TCL 580 TCL 750 TCL 8050 TCL 9002A TCL A460T Tcl D35 TCL D45 TCL DL750 TCL S4035 TCT Mobile Sosh TETRA TLC 550 U3 2018 VF1100 VF1296 VF1300 Vodafone Smart III Vodafone V310 Vodafone V527 Vodafone V528 Vodafone V529 Vodafone V610 Vodafone V611 Vodafone V620 Vodafone V700 Vodafone V720 Vodafone VF1300 Vodafone VFD700

Alcatel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: One Touch Fierce 2 One Touch Fire One Touch Fire C One Touch Fire E One Touch Idol 2 mini One Touch Idol 2 MINI L One Touch Idol 2 MINI S One Touch Idol 2S One Touch Idol 3 5.5 One Touch Idol S One Touch MAX One Touch Pixi 3 8.0 One Touch Pixi 7 One Touch PIXI 7 Tablet One Touch POP 2 5.0 LTE One Touch POP 3 One Touch POP 3 (5) One Touch POP 8 One Touch Pop Icon One Touch POP S3 One Touch POP S9 One Touch SCRIBE EASY OneTouch Fierce XL OneTouch Idol 3 OneTouch POP 2 Premium ONETOUCH POP 2(4.5) Optimus Madrid OT-4012 OT-4019 OT-4301 OT-5050 OT-6014X OT-6015 OT-6016 OT-6034R OT-6035R OT-6036 OT-6050 OT-6050Y OT-7040T OT-7050 OT-8000 OT-9020A OT-908 OT-908F OT-908S OT-909 One Touch MAX OT-909B OT-910 OT-968 OT-978 OT-980 OT-981 OT-990 OT-993 OT-993D OT-995 OT-996 OT-A909 OT-A988 OT-A990 OT-A998 OT-C908 OT-C990 OT-C995 OT-MS4 OT-S850 OT-T026 OT-V958 OT-Y710 P330X POP 2 (4) POP 7S T-Mobile Move TCL J736 TCL Y710 Vodafone 845
Qcom Android New Models: 4044c 4044N 4044v 4045D 4045X 4060a 4060S 4060W 5042A 5042D 5042g 5044G 5044r 5050C 5051D 5051J 5051M 5051X 5054D 5054O 5054X 5056D 5056e 5056I 5056M 5056O 5056X 5057A 5057M 5065D 5065J 5065O 5065X 5098O 5098S 5154A 6039A 6039H 6039K 6039S 6055A 6055b 6055U 7043E 7043K 7043Y 7044X 7044Y 7048a 7048S 7048X 7055a 9001D 9001I 9001X 9006W 9007T 9007X (for EE) 9015B 9015W 9022D 9022S 9022X 9030G 9030Q 9030Y A3 A30 Fierce 4 Flint Go Flip 2 Go Flip 3 Go Play IDEAL Ideal Xcite IDOL 4 M823 One Touch Allura One Touch Conquest One Touch Idol 4S One Touch Pixi 3 (7) One Touch PIXI 4 One Touch Pixi 4 6.0 One Touch POP 2 (5) Premium One Touch POP 3 (5.5) One Touch POP 4 One Touch POP 7 OneTouch Idol 4S OneTouch Pixi 7 OneTouch Pop 4+ Optus X smart OT-4044 OT-4044O OT-4044W OT-4045 OT-4045a OT-4052C OT-4052R OT-4052W OT-4052Z OT-4060 OT-4060O OT-5042a OT-5042X OT-5044c OT-5046G OT-5051 OT-5054 OT-5054a OT-5054N OT-5054O OT-5054s OT-5054W OT-5056 OT-5056N OT-5056W OT-5057 OT-5065 OT-5065a OT-5065O OT-5098 OT-5098O OT-5154 OT-6039a OT-6039Y OT-6045 OT-6045A OT-6045B OT-6045i OT-6045O OT-6055 OT-6055K OT-6070 OT-7043 OT-7043a OT-7044 OT-7044A OT-7048 OT-7048a OT-7055a OT-9001 OT-9006 OT-9007 OT-9015 OT-9022 OT-9024W OT-9030 OT-A621R OT-I806 OT-M823F OT-V895N OT-V900 OT-VF1397 OT-VF1400 OT-VF1497 SmartFlip Streak Tab Prime 6 TCL 5042A TCL 5042W TRU U5 VDF 900 VF-1497 VF-895N VFD 900 Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 Vodafone Tab Prime 7 Vodafone Tab Speed 6

Blu (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): Jenny TV 2.8 t180i T265T Zoey Plus T320
MT62XX: Aria T164i Aria T174i Charleston Click Lite Deco Deejay Life Deejay Lite DEEJAY Q Q160 Hero Jr S250 Q150 Deejay II Q182i Tatto S Q192 Tattoo S Q200 Q52 Samba JR Q52i Samba Jr Plus Q53i Samba JR Plus Samba Q106t Samba W Q170w Spark T120 T160 T162i Jenny Tv T166 ZOEY T166T Jenny TV 2.8 T172i T176 Blu Zoey T190Q T200 Deejay T262t Diva T264t T300 Click T362T Diva X Tank Tank T181
MT65xx-MT8XXX: A0031ww A5 Plus A5 Plus A0031ww Advance 4.0 Advance 4.0 A270a ADVANCE 4.0 L Advance 5.2 HD Amour D120a Dash D130a Dash D161A Dash 3.5 D261A Dash 4.0 D370 D410a D780 Dash Dash 3.2 Dash 3.5 Ii D342l Dash 4.5 Dash 5.0 Dash 5.0 Plus Dash 5.0+ D412u Dash 5.5 Dash C Music D390u Dash D141t Jr Tv Dash JR 4.0K Dash Jr D142k DASH JR K Dash L D050u Dash L D050u Dash L3 Dash M2 D090L Dash Music 4.0 Dash MUSIC II Diva II Grand M Grand X Life 8 Life 8 XL Life One Life One M Life One X Life Play LIFE PLAY 2 Life Play Mini L180A Life Play S Life Play X Life Pro Life Pure Life Pure Mini Life View Life View Tab LIFE X8 LIFE XL Neo 3.5 Neo 4.5 R1 HD R1 Plus Studio 5.0 Studio 5.0 C HD Studio 5.0 II Studio 5.0 S II STUDIO 5.0K Studio 5.3 Studio 5.3 II Studio 5.5 Studio 5.5 S Studio 6.0 Hd Studio 6.0 HD Studio C 8+8 Studio C Mini STUDIO G PLUS STUDIO M HD Studio One Studio Touch Studio X8 HD T172T TV Tank 4.5 TouchBook 7.0 TOUCHBOOK7.0 3G Vivo 4.3 Vivo 4.65 HD Vivo 4.8 HD Vivo 5R Vivo Air Vivo IV BLU D970L Vivo IV BLU D970L Vivo Selfie Vivo XI+ Vivo XL4

Blu (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: D170a Dash 3.5 Dash 3.5 Studio Mini X100q

Orange (ADB Mode) Supported Models

Qcom Android New Models: Gova Yumo
QCOM Hexagon: Hi 4G Novi Rono SoshPhone 4G

Orange (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Dallas Hollywood Lisbon Miami Nalongo Panama Rome Sydney Tokyo
MT657X-MT658X Old: Denver Pasadena
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Dive 30 Luno Orange Klif Reyo Tado Zilo
MT6XXX New: Hiro Rise 55 Rise 55 San Remo

Orange (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: Barcelona Boston Daytona Dublin Fova Montecarlo Nivo Nura Oslo Roya San Francisco SanFrancisco 2 Stockholm Tactile Internet Zali
Qcom phone: Oslo

SFR (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon: StarXtrem

SFR (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: 101 103 114 115 121 151 153 1150 1150 1180 153g 154 231 232 241 261 262 341 342 343 344 3440

SFR (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: 511 522 552 Staraddict Staraddict II Staraddict III Starnaute Starnaute 2 STARNAUTE II STARSHINE Startext Startext II Startrail StarTrail II STARXTREM ll
Qcom phone: 501

ZTE (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon: 402ZT A0621 A512 A570 Avea inTouch 4 Avid 4 Avid Trio Z833 Axon 7 Mini B2017G Beeline Smart2 Blade A310 Blade A310 Blade A320 Blade A460 Blade A506 Blade A506 Blade A521 Blade A6 Blade Apex Blade Apex 2 Blade D Lux Blade G LTE BLADE Q+ Blade S6 Blade S6 Plus Blade S7 Blade S7 T920 Blade V220 Blade V8 Blade Vec 4G BV0800 Compel Concord II Conexis x1 FNB ConeXis X1 Grand Era LTE Grand S Flex Grand X Grand X 3 Z959 Grand X LTE Hop Smart Kis III Libero 2 602ZT Maven Z812 Megafon 4G Turbo Moche Smart A16 (MEO) Mustang N9511 Nubia Nx406e Open 2 Open C Orange Fova Orange Neva 80 Overture Overture 2 Prestige N9132 Radiant Skinny V811 Sonata 4G T792 T80 T81 T82 T83 T920 Teknosa Preo P1 Telstra Dave Telstra Easy Touch 4G Telstra Evolution Telstra Frontier 4G Telstra Rush Tempo N9131 TMN Smart A60 Turkcell T50 Turkcell T70 Turkcell T80 Unico LTE V8 Mini V811 V811W V9800 VDF710 VFD710 Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Vodafone Smart V8 Z667 Z667T Z669 Z730 Z740 Z740G Z755 Z777 Z787 Z792 Z813 Z826 Z830 Z831 Z835 Z933 Z955A Z958 Z959 Z970 Z982 Z987 Z995 Z995C Z998 ZMAX ZTE T617

ZTE (Broadcom) Supported Models

Broadcom: ARIZONA Kyivstar Shine Racer II T-Mobile concord V768 V859

ZTE (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): R259
MT62XX: 231 731 A136G A139 A201 A205 A205+ A211 A215 A215+ A261 A261FM A292 A36+ A611 A611+ A661 A861 Coral 180 Coral 268 Coral 558 Coral 691 F110 F120 G-N281 G-R220 G-S213 i628 i766 i799 M6105 Movistar Onda N-281 N1 N280 N285 N290 N292 N295 Q78 R220 R221 R222 R225 R228 R230 R231 R235 R236 R236m R238 R239 R250 R253 R255 R260 R290 R3100 R620 R621 R630P R721 R791 S202 S212 S213 S215 S218 S226+ S236 S306 S500 S505 S506 S511 S516 S518 S518G S522 S755 Sage T-Mobile Beat T202 TMN Easy 50 TMN Script V791 V8301 X630 X632 X670 X671 X730 X760 X761 X930 X960 X990 X991
MT6516: MTN Rave V821
MT65xx-MT8XXX: 861 875 (Smart mini) 975 A110 A112 A410 A520 A601 B795 B816 Boost Indy Blade A315 Blade A452 Blade A465 Blade A475 Blade A510 Blade A511 Blade A602 Blade A610 Blade A910 Blade Buzz Blade C2 Blade C2 Plus BLADE C370 Blade G Lux Blade G Plus Blade G Pro Blade G2 Blade HN Blade L2 Blade L3 Blade L3 Lite Blade L3 Plus Blade L5 Blade L5 Plus Blade Q Blade Q Maxi Blade Q Mini Blade Super Blade V6 Blade V6 Max A610 Blade V6 Plus Blade V7 Lite Blade Vec 3G Blade X7 Blade Z7 Boost Icon Nero Cellcom 4G Digicel DL800 E10Q E8QL E8QP EE Rook Fit 4G Smart Grand Memo lite Grand X Grand X Pro Grand XM KIS 2 MAX Kis 3 Max Kis Flex Kis II Max Kis Q Kiss ll max LEO M1 Leo S1 Maxx MEO Smart A12 MEO Smart A40 Mimosa Mini Mimosa X Momodesign MD Smart Movistar one NOS FIVE NOS NOVU T12 T760 T809 / Telstra EasySmart T815 Telstra Smart-Touch 2 Telstra Uno Tmn Smart A18 V580 V72 Light Tab V760 V765M LEO Q1 V769M V793 V795 V795l V797 V807 (Blade C) V809 V8110 V815w v816w V818 v829 V830w V856 V857 V880H V883M V889M V889S V965 V967S V969 V970M V971 V993W W716 Z820 ZA945 ZTE Obsidian

ZTE (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: 008Z Simple Smartphone 008Z SoftBank 009Z SoftBank 551 811 A21plus Acqua Aglaia Amazing A1 Amigo Apanda A60 Atlas W Avail Avail 2 Avea in Touch 2 B790 Base Lutea Base Lutea 2 BASE Tab 7.1 Beeline E600 Beeline M2 Blade Blade E Blade G Blade II (P735T) Blade III Blade III Pro Blade S Blade V Blade+ Bs 351 Chinavision Excalibur Cincinnati Bell Blaze f800 Commtiva Z71 Cosmote Xplore Crescent E810 GigaByte G1305 Codfish ICE JOE K85 Kis Kis Lite Kis Plus Kis Pro Kyivstar Spark Libra Light Light Plus Light Tab Light Tab 2 Link Lord Maxi Plus 5 MD-301 Medion Mercury Metfone MF800 MIMOSA MOMODESIGN MD Droid Movistar Express Movistar Motion Movistar Prime Muchtel A1 myPad P3 N61 N720 N721 N880F N880G N881E N881F N8881E N909 Nexian A890 Next G Onda TQ150 ONDA TT102 Open P729B Penguin Prelude PRELUDE Racer Racer 3 Racer III Racer III mini Racer X850 Raice Raise Roamer Skate Skate 4.3H Skate Pro Smart Netphone 701 Smartfren Wide SoftBank 003Z STAR 7 Style Q Switch X1 T-Mobile Vivacity T-Mobile Zest T22 T28 T3020 T303 T40 T60 T790 Telenor Touch Pad Telstra Active Touch Telstra Boost Tango Telstra Pulse Telstra Smart Touch Telstra Urbane TMN Bluebelt TMN Bluebelt II TMN Sapo A5 TMN Silverbelt TMN Smart a15 TMN Smart A7 TMN Soft Stone Turkcell T21 Turkcell T40 V11A V6000 V6500 V6600 V71A V788 V788D V790 V8200PLUS V875 V880 V880E V880G V880S V881 V882 V889D V889F V9 V9 Light V9+ V955 V956 V960 V9a V9C VF945 Vibo A688 VODAFONE 945 Vodafone Smart CHAT V865 Vodafone Smart Tab 10 Vodafone Smart Tab 7 Web Tab 7 WellcoM A88 Xiang Z990 Z992 Z993
Qcom modem: AC30 MF30
Qcom phone: C100 CK165 E821 E850 F05Z F100 F101 F102 F102i F103 F105 F106 F107 F109 F111 F116 F158 F159 F160 F160 AT&T F165 F166 F188 F230 F232 F233 F260 F555 F600 F870 F900 F912 F930 F950 F951 F952 F953 F955 Jack 3G LF152 MD Touch MD Touch mini MD-2 MOMO Design Montgomery N8301 N8303 R101 R109 R22 R54 R7 Rio II S2x S50 Skinny T-Mobile Aspect T100 T106 T108 T116A T2 T20 T203 T3 T50 T54 T6 T7 T870 T90 T930 T95 T96 Tactile Messaging Telstra CRUISE T126 Telstra FLIP U112 Wombat WP750 Z1196 Z221 Z222 Z223 Z331 Z430 Z431 Z432 Z433 Z434

ACE (ADB Mode) Supported Models


ACE (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Caracas 2 Caracas Pro

Airis (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: TM360 TM400 TM420 TM420M TM45DM TM45Q TM485M TM520 TM520M TM52Q TM530 TM55Q TM570 TM600 TM60D

Aiwa (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Aw790

Altice (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: S12 S20 S21

Amgoo (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Am215 Am303 Am55 AM85 AM916
MT65xx-MT8XXX: A527 AM501 AM506 AM527 Am530

Amoi (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: A726W A900W A928W A955T N828 N850

Amoi (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom phone: SkypePhone AMOI WP-S2 SkypePhone WP-S1

Argom (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: E380 E400

Artel (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Perfect 1

Artel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: Adi5

Azumi (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: AC24 LITE Chic Chic N Chic WF F1 K10 K15 L1 L2 L2n L2z LTV M3 Q13 Q503 S101
MT65xx-MT8XXX: A355 A35C Lite A35s A40c A40lt A45s A45T A50+ A50C A50c+ A50lt A50TQ A55q Pro A55T At7 Iro A5 Ql Iro A5Q kirei A45D KL35 LT50 Speed 5.5 Ultra

Azumi (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: A35 Kl32

Beeline (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: A103 A106
MT6XXX New: Pro 2

Bess (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: M900T MF1 VZ102 Vz210

BGH (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Joy A5 Joy A6 Joy A7g Joy Smart A1 Joy Smart A7g Joy X2

Bird (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: D515 D615 D706 F501 F518 K102 K298 S230 S302 S305 S306 S710 V708 V750 V788 V789

Bitel (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: B8301 B8302 B8303
MT65xx-MT8XXX: B8403 B8405 B8406 B8407 B8408 B8409 B8410 B8502 B8505 B8601 B9501 L640

Bitel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: B8401

Blackview (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: A7

BLUEBO (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: X1 X2

Boost (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Luna

carrefour (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Smart 5 (CMB501)

Casper (MTK) Supported Models


Cellacon (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: T303

Chatphone (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: SN50

Chuwi (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Hi9 Air

Cloudphone (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Excite 354g Excite 400DX Excite 451tv Excite 501d Excite 503d GEO 402q Thrill 430g

Cloudphone (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: Excite 352G

CONDOR (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: ALLURE A8 P6 plus PGN522 Plume P8 Pro

Coolpad (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: 7295 8122 8908 9080W 9250L CP8676_I02 E502 E570 F1 8297 Halo Note 3 Xuan Ying SII 8750

Coolpad (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: 7560T Flo 7560U 8860U 8861U E501

Coral (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: 185 460 460s 645 670 690 691 C460p C700TV

Dialog (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Infinity

Digicel (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: DL1000 DL2 XL DL700 DL750 DL800 DL910 max

Discovery (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: V5

Doogee (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: F3 Pro X10 X20 X30

Doppio (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: DPF450 Sg40 Sg401 sl452

Fero (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Pace 2 Pace 2 Lite

Fresh (MTK) Supported Models

MT6XXX New: Fun I50f
General Mobile

General Mobile (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Discovery Discovery II Discovery II + Discovery II Mini

GOMobile (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: 165 180 202 350 G170
MT65xx-MT8XXX: 950 960 Go400 Go770 GO775 Go779 Go980

Haier (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Hg-m306 M105 M200+
MT65xx-MT8XXX: G3 G30 G31 G61 G700 F HM G701 FL L54 W716 W717 W718 W718J

Highscreen (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Alpha GTR Alpha GTX Alpha Ice Alpha R Alpha Tab Thor Zera F Zera S

Hisense (MTK) Supported Models

MT6XXX New: F102 F23 F24 Infinity U965 L675 T17 T203 T5 Plus

HKM (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: N6370

HUMMER (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: H1

Icemobile (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Apollo Apollo Touch Clima II Crystal G5 Prime Prime 5.5

Infinix (MTK) Supported Models

MT6XXX New: Hot 6 (X606) Note 5 (X604) Smart 2 (X5515) Smart 2 Pro (X5514D) X603

Intex (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): A ONE A One+ Eco 105 GRAND 601 Grand 612 NANO 101 Nano 3+ PLATINUM DREAM Turbo A8 TURBO EGO TURBO S1 turbo s4 turbo z6

iPro (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: A3-Pro A5-Pro A7-Pro I9350 i9353 Mini Elite Super pad Trans I Trans II V5-Pro

IRBIS (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: TX17 TX18 TX69 TX77

ISWAG (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): Tempo
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Lynx Plus Rock Rock+

Itel (MTK) Supported Models

MT6XXX New: A15 A32F A45 A62 P32 S11 Pro

Karbonn (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: A34 A5s A7 Star Titanium Octane Titanium Octane Plus

Kyocera (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: C6522 C6530N DuraForce DuraForce XD E6560 E6710 E6790TM Hydro Life Hydro Xtrm Torque

Kyoto (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Q12

Lava (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): Arc One C11s Curvy Mt6261 Kkt Alfa kkt hero KKT20i KKT27 kkt27+ KKT40 SPARK 244
MT65xx-MT8XXX: 354 3G 415 415 B3.5 (Iris 353) Iris 504q+ Iris 80 Iris353 R1 Uris 450 Colour Z50 Z60E Z61

LeEco (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android New Models: Le Pro 3 LEX727

LG (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: A275 GB160a GB190 GX200
MT65xx-MT8XXX: L BELLO X130g X135 X140 X145 X210

M4tel (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: SS220
MT65xx-MT8XXX: SS1050 Joy SS1060 Live SS1070 Sense SS1080 maxone SS1090 maxultra Ss4020 Ss4040 SS4045 SS4350 Soul SS4451 SS4455 SS550 Genius SS880 mirage SS990 e-motion

M4tel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: SS4445 Access SS660 Space

Maxwest (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Astro 55n Astro 6 Astro JR Astro X55s Nitro Orbit 330G

Megafon (ADB Mode) Supported Models

Broadcom: Login SP-A1

Megafon (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: CP10
MT657X-MT658X Old: Optima
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Foxda MFLoginPh Login MT7A Login+ LOGIN2 MS3A

Megafon (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: SP-A10 V9+

Meizu (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: m2 note M6 MX5

MEO (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Smart A12 Smart A30 Smart A40 Smart a65 Smart A66 Smart A75

Mobicel (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Metro II ONYX Pure Mini Rebel Retro

Mobiwire (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: c10 Pictor
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Kosumi Kwanita Ogima Sakari

Movitel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: M8402 M8403

MTN (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: Steppa

MTS (Broadcom) Supported Models

Broadcom: 962

MTS (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: SMART Sprint 4G Smart Surf 2
MT6XXX New: 960 970 SMART Sprint 4G

MTS (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: 916 950 955 965 968 1055 EVO Mini MTC A SP101 Viva
Qcom phone: 840

MyPhone (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Q88 Tw1 TW30

NGM (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Dynamic Stylo + Forward Infinity Wavemove Miracle

Noblex (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: N401 N451 N501 N503 N551

Nokia (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: 1 1 Plus 3 TA-1020 TA-1028 TA-1047 TA-1060 TA-1079 TA-1111 TA-1123 TA-1127

NUU (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Mobile A1 Mobile A1 Truconnect N5001L

Nyx (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Kiwi TV Noa+ Way Pro
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Ego Fenix Fly Fly 2 Fly Mini Glam Go-x Iconx2 Jak Join Noba Noba II Orbit Rex Zeus HD

O+ (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: 8.15 8.28 8.31z 8.52 8.6 8.91

OPPO (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: 1201 A1601 A71 A83 CPH1729 F1 Plus Neo 3 R831K R2001 R827 R831 X9009

OYSTERS (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: T12 3G T72 3G T7X 3G T80 3G T82 3G T84M 3G

Pantech (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: A1034CAR C180 P1010

Polaroid (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: PRO1021 Dual Sim
MT65xx-MT8XXX: 0738 A5 Jet C7 MID0738 P5026 Pmid7102dc PRO 405 PROG400Um Turbo C5 P5005a

SafetyNet (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Modelrive II

Sanno (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: E89

Sendtel (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: E510i E750 EV530
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Bang Dual Flame Rocket Sage+ Savvy Wink Wise+

Senwa (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): S103
MT65xx-MT8XXX: S715 S725 S950

SHARP (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: SH530U SH631W
Sigma mobile

Sigma mobile (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: X-treme PQ11 X-treme PQ22 PQ22B PQ22A

Simvalley (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: SP2X-Slim

SmartPad (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: 750 3G

Starlight (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Diamond X

Starmobile (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: T60i

STF (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: Dream

Stone (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Q800 ST-TC533

Supra (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: M722 M726G M727G

T-Mobile (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: Energy Vairy Touch Vairy Touch II Zest

TCell (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: S202

Tele2 (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: maxi maxi plus

Tele2Fon (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): F2
MT65xx-MT8XXX: v5

TELMA (MTK) Supported Models

MT625A, MT6260, MT6261 (unlock via USB cable): V034
MT65xx-MT8XXX: F2 Star

Thl (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: 4400 5000 A3 T100s T11 T200 T200c W100 W200S W200S W5 W6 W7s

Tinno (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: HD100 T500

Ufone (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: G3510

Verykool (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: I124 I126s i240 I300 I315 i316 I320 I603 I604 I605 I607 I625 I650 I675 R16
MT65xx-MT8XXX: Gazelle S4010t l4050 S3501 S3502 S353 S354 S400 S4006 S4007 S450 s470 S5025 S5525 S728 s757 s757 S758 SL4502 Fusion II Sl5008 SL5550 Spark Lte Sl5011

Verykool (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: SL5000

Viettel (MTK) Supported Models

MT62XX: v550 V6202 V6203 V6217 V8301 VT303A
MT65xx-MT8XXX: V8411 V8411 V8505 V8507 V8511

Viettel (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: V8403 V8403 V8404 V8502 V8505

Vtelca (ADB Mode) Supported Models

QCOM Hexagon: Victoria 2

Vtelca (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: V769M V865M

Vtelca (Qualcomm) Supported Models

Qcom Android: N720 V8200+

Walton (MTK) Supported Models

MT6XXX New: Primo F7s

Woo (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: SP3520 SP4023 SP4023_14d4 SP4521 SP5021 SP5021_1391

Xiaomi (MTK) Supported Models

MT65xx-MT8XXX: HongMi Hongmi Redmi Note

Solutions: Smart-Clip2 Basic Set and Pack 1 Activation. Please note, that not all servicing features can be applied to the models from the list below due to differences in hardware.

Save backup before performing any operations with these phones:

Accord A19
Afone H880
Agtel 005
Aino F69, F89
Aio N97
AirFone AF111
Airphone No4, No1
Alfatel C200, C500, H9, c500, H1, H2, H1A, H5A, H5, H300, H3, H4
Allview S1, S2
Anoking M9
Airtel L900
Ajanta A52, A3000, A4200, A5000
Anycool E553, D66+, D66, F818, T808, T818, D66++, E307, E553, E556, E802, E880C, E880L, E880, E883, E888
Anycall L708, i908+, F488E, i660, D900, S628, Cect-168
Anycoll L588, A508, QS850, i908e
Anylink N99i, 6500
Anyoall sgh-908i
Aobang A880
Aote M660
Appo A300
Atan M760
Awang A828
Aroma D333
Asus V75
Aura s902, S908
Auro 6321
Austar F455+
AT-Telecom Hi-Messenger
Avio A101, A102, A201, A203, A204, A205, A301, A403, A6103
Awang A828
A-zed z62
Baizhao TV488, S8978, S8958
Baoxing K900, N1000, K700
Barbie P520
Basicom V9
BBC i508
BBK i2288, K202, K300, S201, S202
Beetel EC003, ev530
Bestel D6000, D5000+, D600, E71TV, D7000+
Bestking A2688
Bestone KA08+
Betels 6000+
Blu Q200, Q200e, Click T300, Samba JR Q52, S120, T160, Deco
BenQ A53, C30, C36
Bess SP500, VZ210, VZ219
Beyond B38, B333, B505, B818, BY125, C3, B530, B83
Bilwani B3, B9, B2
BlackCherry BL8000, BL1000, BL7000B, bl2000
Blacklable VVV363
Bleu 255x, 354x, 355x, 453x, 454x, 456x, 466x, 471x, 476x, 551x, 555x, 670x
Bliss D108, D208, V98
BMobile C628, K298, S225, TV9, X131
BMW 760i, X6
Bost-Mobile D615
Bonmi 222, f430+
Boostwer E66
Bossh D112, D96M, B70
Bugatti 164, HOOD
Buss G618
Byond BY-999, By-400, BY-888
Bytone T3
Capitel P600
Carbon Art
Cartier V8
Cavio ZT-618, ZTF1
CayenneS Z9
Cesim V30, V130
Cect S90, P168, T601, N6298, T808, t590, 003, 605, A008, E900, A1818, S800, 1088, N6298, K369, V909, C828, S901, A100, i658, V777, C5188, C3600s, M8, V668B, LV918, V70, A519, K2, V329, U90, M619, V98, V90, Y200, Q380, A6668, Q8, Q86, T1, 5800D, C8600, C3000, k770, F1200, T520, Q618, A706, S588, K808+, P3711i, 888, T118, C92+, U8810, 599, 6300L, 808, C2000D, C600, C800, F22, K808, K828, K838, M8600, N81+, N82, P8400, Q500BT, Q500, Q558, Q618, Q638, T689, T918, T999, V180, V200, V400, V6688, V909, V98, V768, Y809, S613, U880, N73, P3711, N788, IP200, 199, 808, T520, V909
CellOne CX900
Century Piooner-B889+
Cert V400
Cesim V130, V30,V310, CG400, A510, V590, N88, V30, V470, V88, V800, V950, N97, V800i, V709, A9530, A35
Changhong M838, L138, K218, A330
Changjiang A968, N8+
Changxing A868
Cherry YC8
CherryMobile Q4Duo
Cherry-Mobile D20, D15, Q61
ChinaStar C507
Coral 255, 280, 450, 550, 620, 640, 655, 680
Coby MP777
Cool ATL-V8
Corby L6, W6233
Cosun 289, 638, 8988, 9958
Crew 202
CKing K339
Club C900
cNokia TVE71, E71TV
C-Right L2000, C10
Cross CB97, CB90, GG71, GG55, V4, G10, CB65, GG53B, GG53
Crtel C200
CSL i200, DS110, C9900
cvfd m31
CXTel D90
Cyfon C800i
Cynix D28
Dapeng T928, T3000, T2000, T5000
Daxian X3000, X728, X960, X960, X999, C8100, 529, N55, KT1, X9188, 669, K888, T108, JT398, P168, 619, E689, 780, J168, 8100, J6, N800, C800, X3000
DBest Royal-VT888
Deco F1
Delta X200
Desay M535, L608, K618
Dezzo D800
Diamond B711, A1000
Digga D25
Diga-Mobile D122, G123, G126
Digiphone 9800TV
Dirland M881, R100
Disney 520+
DMND W720i
D-One DG817, DG518, G628, DG568
Donod D5130, N95i, D505, d805, D805, D806, D5130
Doov YH923
Doro 338GSM, HandleEasy-328gsm, HandleEasy-345gsm, HandleEasy-409s, HandleEasy-410s
Dopod S560, M500TV, E61+, A6188
Dopodo E61+
Dorado T33i, D380, D890, A006, C5000, TV15
Dotcom MB-2300TV
DRV_Mobiles R52
Dubao 738, 758, 768, 777
DV-Phone V93i
Eagle E52
Egitel V6
Egltel V7
Elenberg MT520
Eiroga E666
Ektel C1-TV
Elgin EL-MP730
Elitek FN8618
Elitex 8888
Enimac MQ8200
Enmac MQ3300, MQ8200, MQ8200
Epoda EP2502
Etisalat 211FM
E-Top S30
ETouch 232Pro, 303Pro, 515Pro, 616Pro, 636Pro, CG1, D6, D11, D12, D18, D21, D23, D30, D33, D35, D38, D60, D108, D120, D160, D200, D220, D300, DS100, F50, J100, J165, J168, MD82, X88i, XL10, XL25, XL53
Evertek E300, X90
Everfo 2461, 2456, 3008, 2601, 2602, E2211+, E7110, E711D TV, E713D, E730
Evolve GX607
Eyo E71, E71s
Fashion F023, F025, T508, A5688, T588
Ferrari 267v, F100, F108, Ascent, RHV3, F1, F9
FixedPhone FC8050
FixMobile A969
Flying F900, F916, F936, F007, F996, F800, F69, F035
Flynet F001
Fly-Ying F636, F200, F99, F036, F007, F698, F003, F006, F008, E71i, E71, E71i, F021, F026, F030, F080
FMobile B290
Fome N7
Forby G899
Forme F8, N78, F9, 6303, N26, U969, D5, L300, F8, F8+, D386, N82, E71, F808, M6, M800
Fory F288
Foston FS-889, FS-862, FS-829, FS-868B, FS-868B, FS-836B, FS-968B, 968B, FS-968A, FS-968
Frost F27, M23, 701
Fujistar FJ-71
Funker F803DS
Funny Mobile V20, A8
G+G i908
Galaxy T81
Gaoxinqi N82, GXQ-F896, GXQ-H69, TL528
Genx T-Z8
Getek TK806
GFive E71, X9, N79i, T33+, N79, T580, U808, U800, D902, 7610, T33+, M73, L700, 6620
G-Five X9, U505, 800, G365, U909, M5130, F7, GF73, GF18, GF73, U969, F3, 3120, F2, 3510, F8, 736, i300, i310, U800, U808, N79i, G3000, e82i, M99, T580, Q33, M33, M77, T33+, T33, L300, H91, N79, M6, M99, T580, D902, 7630, T580, D90, D11, D60, D90, D99, M7, D70, H600, 7610, S9, E71y, G370, G3000, M73, L700, M33, T320i, C2160, U505, C6233, U899, U828, U717, U879, N90, M1, D68, U303, U939, U855, 6620, GF73
G-Fone 301, 311, 411, 422
Gibox MK396, MK397
Gild N9, S93, H1, S648, FXD3600, X5, S76, 6700
Gionee E99, I9, L7, MediaMobile, V890, A10-TV
Gjiang W007
Glid 6700
Globul TA2322n
GMobile T68
G-Mobile N82
Gnet G8600
G-Tide W510
GT-Mobile V490
G-Von 620, 900
GeneralMobile DST01, DST11, DST12, DST13, G333
Globul TA2322n
GMobile T68
Goldmobil J88
G-phone 5700
GPS-Mobile K3288
GLX 2690
Gradiente GF500, GF950
GreenPower H48
G-Right G2, U808, L300, X400, L400, L600, L200, U999, 6800, E52, C200, 6700, 6700i, V400
G-Shine L800
GSmax GS868
G-Star Q82, Q89, Q83, 899, 388
Gucci G600, G888, G629, G668, G600
G-Zone C5
Hang-Jiang N97, A968
Hantel Y500, HT6600, M678, H5, M2210, T6800, bl699, m2210, A800, D801, ht6088, TV-488
Heady H787
Hic S900
Hidden-Dragon N68
Hightech HT100
Hightel H869, M88
Higtel H869
HiPhone V188, T900, TV003
Hisong M920
Hitech M21, H38, H39, H382, H55, H61, H61
Hitune A4
Hitz 2211
Holyday D600
HTC S900, A288, G1-TV90, Hero-G3, 6262
Hagenuk 505, M628
Haier G111, HG-A8, HG-V70, M300, M306, M307, M500, S210, Z701S, Z702
HKM N6370
HT-Mobile A30, G10, G11, G20, G30
Hyundai HTV1000, MB-115, MB-121, MB-D125, MP880, W100
Hualu YX9, 6206, YX9225, S600
Huante TV-E71, S18, T600
Huaxiang N800
Huayu G688, M678, L888, CM336, K878, K888, M818, A3
HX-Mobile H1120
Ianus 999
Icell i5130
icool A520
Idealphone i869
Ifoe P168+, P168C, P168
IMax C82
Imo 168, T738, i178, L818
Imobile 222, 318, 320, 360, 510, 511, 516, 520, 523, 530, 610, 630, 2211, CE0889, IE3210
Innovo i8510
Iosound i960, is102
Io-Sound i81, 301, i90
ITel IT600, IT700
Intex IN1212, IN1224, IN2010, IN2020E, IN2020QT, IN2022, IN2030, IN2030D, IN2030DX, IN2040E, IN2040N, IN2044, IN2080, IN2080E, IN2222, IN2233, IN2244, IN2266, IN3030, IN3055, IN3060, IN3070, IN3080, IN3333, IN4040, IN4060, IN4415, IN4420, IN4420S, IN4455, IN4460, IN4466, IN4477, IN4488, IN4495, IN5030, IN5040, IN5050, IN5544, IN5555, IN6611, IN6633, iSmart
J-Max J95
Jeep W900
JFone j87
Jgtel 003i
JiaXing N95
Jincen 666, JC6700, 528, JC9700, JC35
Jing-Ling E81TV
Jinke E100
Jin-Ke E100
JinPeng W169, K330, JP1688, S868, a799, M868, E55, F8, S1318, 768, 5199, 5108, 5199, W880, A1280, C3000, 007FM, V70, V70FM, M8, A5616, 8283, K730, K989, A2198, L808, i908, A928, E6180, 488, S2128, H788, A666, S1888, 5588, S109, A5688, A5120, M99 , A5658, E88
Jinteyu V678
J-Kai TV96K
J-Max J95, Obama, Sexy
Jugate ZJS638, ZJR655, ZJ880
Just5 CP10
Jalor A8
Karbonn K10, K25, K118, K217, K300, K331, K334, K343, K350, K406, K443, K444, K444i, K445, K446, K450, K451, K460, K478, K496, K541, K550, K560, K570, K661, KC411
Karamfone S4, X5
Kenuo D9, KN-76D, N750
Kenxindad 300
Kiech N8899
Kifung S108
Kimcell N88
KingK 800
King-One K608
Kingpo E320
Kingdom K2
Kingsun V902
Kinloong K288+
Kisen P83
Kotka E90
Konka A76, A76FM, C623, D225, D620, D770, E303, G208
KTech 8388
K-Touch A933, B830, V918, D700, A615, A5118, b920, D170, A635, V908, B922, S515, D780, A905, V760, H999, H777
KuXing K1000
Kyocera C2500, E2500, E3500, S1600
Kyoto T737E
KZG N200
Laise N99
Lanboxiny F8
Lanye N70
Lawow A200, S10, S20, S50
Lcphone LC888
Leiniao N800
Lanix LX11, X10
Lava A9, A10, ARC02, KKT22, KKT24, KKT25, KKT30, KKT34, M23
Leady MM10, MM95, X105, X501
Lemon E590, IQ303, 212, 216
Lenovo 688, A330, A350, A539, E520, i60, i510, i706, P50, P612, P618, P650, S62, S533, Shark32
Lephone A12
Life DST01
Lian-Sheng L995
Lipiec T800
Longtel E3, S800, S88
LongXing M3
Lontin 8820 E69
Louis-Yuitton T658
LUNA 8600, 8600D
LX-Mobile TV
Magicon MG3250, MG901
Magicon-Harmony MG901
Malata MT118, MT256, T256, MZ280
Mark 5010, 6010
Matrix M1, M3, M20, M2, N82m
Maxicell 6730
Maxx GC1000, MQ340, MQ430, MX118, MX122, MX124, MX235, MX292, MX304, MX316, MX322, MX333, MX335, MX404, MX425, MX435, MX463, MX470, MX480, MX488, MX533, MX534, MX713, MX745
Maximus EX75, T44
Maxtcl K94
Maxtel K48
Maxtron MG182, MG175, MG278
Mebaya A18
Megatec Luxe
Megatek M100
Meidea Y500, E65, E66, Y1000, Y100, Y400, Y300
Melbon M2, MB-606m
Megafon CP10, TDM15
Metfone Closer
Message-phone QS150
Mercury ST3, Maestro
Metfone Closer
Metom M39, MT309, N81, N11, N82, M20, M29, M20IV, T300, M20TV, M28
Mex N95, MX14BS, N95
MFU M6, 6700
Mi 200
Micro M11
Micxon MTV800
Micromax GC255, M2, Q1, Q1+, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q50, Q55, Q75, Q80, X1i, X1i+, X1u, X2i, X2i+, X50, X112, X113, X114, X115, X116, X117, X118, X122, X200, X211, X212, X215, X220, X225, X226, X228, X230, X235, X250, X260, X262, X263, X265, X266, X280, X285, X310, X330, X332, X360, X361, X370, X395, X414, X450, X485, X505, X510, X555, X560, X600
Mideia Y100
Midi MD462
Mikki C90
MingXing A008
Mini 8000C, iphone, Vertu, i9, TTK-98, N98+, 6600, N95 8gb
Mito 302, 1868, 288GG
Mixcon S908
Mobiado 105
Mobistel EL350
Moille ZTC-ZT588
Momentum M35
Moses V670
Motorcla T628, V80
MoviePhone FA6
Mox MO800, MO875
Mox MO698
MPEG4 NP68, T698
MPmobile M02
MTV N73, 800
Much DS-850
Muzak N88
Modelabs Elite, MyWay-Slim, V-Touch
Mojo Chat
MyPhone 1070, 3350, 3370, 6650, 6651, 6670, 6691, B21, B21c, B22, B23, B50, B50c, B71, Q19, Q21, Q22, Q88, QT7, S21, T12, T13, T22, T23, T52, TW1, TW28 Duo
Narnia 8088, V6, i70
Nasaki NK630, G5, B9
Nckia C5, XpressMusic, M9, N99i, E71, 5610, 6300c, 5700, 5700+, N10+
Neccom n880+
Neoi 809
Newrone i8
Newtone Q6, NTi8
Nexcel E71
Nexcom NC328
NJStar L1100
Nkiac F168
Nktel A300, A700, C5000, C7000, U800, K300, 300, K400, K770, C5000, A200, E71, K100, C2008, 2800, 5310, A8800+, A8800, K200, C6000, C7000, A600, A100, C9000, C8000, A500, A200, S350, C8600, C2000, 5310, K99
Nokig N97
Nokla E90, N77, N95, N97, 9000+, N97, N95, N96, D328, 6500s, N958, N72, C7i
Nony S212, E71, S208, S311, S208, E71+, S332, S212, S332
Nova N800
Novo ST200
Nexian NX-G381i, NX-G503, NX-G505, NX-G522, NX-G700, NX-G788, NX-G801, NX-G868, NX-G900, NX-G901, NX-G911, NX-G922, NX-G923, NX-T780, NX-T900, NX-T911
NGM Alittle, BlackAngel, Enjoy, Pixy, Vanity, Vanity-Touch
O2 J1
Oaintel V88
Obee K399, 680, 007
Odin P1000, 295
Okia E79, Y73
Omes W598, M500
Olive VG200, VG300, VG400, VG500, VG800, VG3000, VG3100, VG3200, VG3201, VGc800
Omnipotence Micky
Onda N213, N130T
oooooo C99
Oppo 630i
Opsson A10
Orion 903, 900DS, 810, 910DS
Overtech OT-09
Onida C628, F830, G610, V110, V115, W1110, W1410
Orinoquia G5580
Pantech C180, C320, P1010
Philips 199, 292, 298, 390, E100, E210, F322, F511, K700, M200, X100, X116, X216, X223, X312, X325, X501, X503, X518, X519, X703, X710, X806, X860
Playboyphone PB01
Powertel M6000
Pagaria P9045, P72, P108, P2757
Panasonio V2000
Panda Goldmobi-J33, Goldmobil J88
Pawan 2975
Pegasus E3, S65
Pesung N998+
Phoenix P2000
Piaget CE666
Players P718
Pomp F98, F89
Porsche Cayenne, Carrera, X3
PowerPack TCG-8801, TCTV-278, TCGS-218, TCTV-438, TCGS-8818, TCTV-158, TCG-8888, TCTV-178, TC-2GSM_E553, TCGS-8806, TCTV-228
Privileg X7, ZM90, X2-Joy, TV2-Focus, X6, TV3-WIFI
Pulid D1689
QMobile E125, E150, E195, E200, E400, E500, E900, F22, F23, F55, F220, F252, F680, M2, M22, ME114, Q3i, Q4, Q8, Q11, Q18, Q20, Q21, Q24, Q25, Q25i, Q26, Q26i, Q27, Q28, Q28i, Q29, Q33, Q37, Q38, Q55, Q61, Q63, Q66, Q73, Q88, Q99, Q126, Q180, Q212, Q213, Q218, Q266, Q510, Q5310, T550, T630
QiaoSheng QS840
Qruz V1425
Rocker Dream, Crazy, RX15, R111, Scorby
Rokea 007
Rolex MU100, K8, K9, HK010
Royal S3588, VT888, VX
Sands A203, A303i, P908
Simbao A898CKT26
Smart V555
Sang-Teng Q7+
Sanno E89, 268, N96i, A88, 6618
Sansui V929
Satabi 2702, 2sim
ScellPhone i68+, i68, i9+++, i68++, e688, tv1000, s18, L88, Q11, i69, i99++
Scool tz209hifi
SED DJ120, v628, N6128
Semobi T1
SerteC X3
Seven DS2
ShengBao 98, 98++
Shen-Mate V7+
Sigmatel FXS S83, T66, S9000, S96, W999, t33+, T2, T300, S400, S4, S77, S81, S90i, S90, S91, 9300, T33i, T99i, S66, N9, S9, S22, S80i, S3, S30, H1, TV60, 7700, T99, S3plus, S80, T85, S86, 5130, 3600i, Hxd3600, 6700, S3, S90, S96, T55, V88, S18, S18i, S47, S3, 7700, Ginwave25, S80i, S88 s90 s98
SilverCrest SH100
Silwanis 6303, X300, B777
Simbao a898
Simtel mstar
Simtelep G-Star.M-Star
Singsong s658
Sino V66
SkyBee 83RY
Skyline i6pro
SkyPhone 318
Skyway GC800
Skyworth ak606, Skyworth25
Slym TV
Smadl duo100
Soho G700a
Sonaki S888
SongLive C2000
Sony-Edison K810
Soon-Ersson K530i
Sotel C500, C5000, N82y, N95Y
Sprint 7700, D77
Startech ST67, ST88
Star-TV C8000, GPS-X10
Strike T915PC
Suaahoo S709
Suiya SY88
Sumsang i728, 840, F488E
Sunberry S55
Sunlup DM8801
Sunpa s200
Sunrise t868
Suntek a200
Suny-ericssom W558
Svmsunc i908
Swaahoo S95, S93
Symphony C100, CKT23C, CRAB-S3, D40, D45, EX85, D65
Sambao K709
Samkung TV16
Samsking V11
Samsong E318
Samsonic U800+
SecreC X3
Sed S800, D968, V889
Sendtel E510i, EV530
SeniorPhone 1055
Simoco SM234, SM399, SM498, SM499, SM611, SM633, SM988, SM999, SM1000, SM1100, SM1200
Sitronics SMD104, SMD105
Skyzen EZ400, EZ700, EZ800, EZ1000, S8
Spice D80, D88, D88N, D90, M940, M3636, M4242, M4250, M4580, M4580n, M5050, M5055, M5151, M5161, M5252, M5454, M6000, M6060, M6262, M6363, QT44, QT50, QT52, QT55, QT58, S7, S300, S570, S580, S590, S650, S700, S705, S707, S707N, S710, S808, S820, S5110, S5330, S7000
Spyker C8-Laviolette
Startech ST-88
Symphony S90
TCL T106
Tecno D100, T330, T600, T800, V410, V500, V801
Tecall T200, T300
Techno T220, X780i, T670, T220
Tecnoshow TC8898
Telego V808
TengYu N86, N98+
Tethin S350
Tian-Wai T3
Tianxin H003, H003+
Tiger 7736, 7710
Tinno E01c, HD100, T670, TV900
Tintele TT-V300, TT-V33, TT-V2, TT-N1_Black, TT-N1_Gold, s2
Toptop T22
Titan V71
Tocs C001, M52
Tonga M108
Tomsim C90E
Tonga M108
Tosello Spatola
Toshibo V9+, Q300, V9++, V118
TouchPhone i9
Trend T200, T786, T786
Trident MB-E55, MB-1100, W-T8
TwinSim T60, T99
TTK N82, N81
Tvmobile C702, Q1, T2010, E71pro, X10
TV-Mobile U26, STD25, C902, Ak09, A2688, E71, 8800, E71, N99i, S2, E71, K900+, V6, A968, 2sim, G10, WiFi-C5000
Twee St88, A579
Ufo 833, Digital Mobile, 995
Ultra-Slim M9
Upptel V700
UP-Tec TV-Mobile
Usha-Lexus 838B, 877B
UTStarcom CL1135, CLX100PR, CFM114CP, CLP138, GLPF1114MX, GLPL148SV, GPF198, GPF1134CA, GPFE128en, GPFE1238, GPT380EN, GPT2085, GTX212, TE1201sv, TTX28MX
Vaic A618, A1900, E588, Strike TV-Mobile
Vaio A328, A968, T6
Vave S70
Vcall V850, v329
Vemo K630i
Venus V300, V800, V900, C9000, S90
Veon A380, A-68, S303, T10
Vertice V68, C5+
Verto 899
Veva S90
V-fone 328
Verycool i115, i119, i300, i305, i315, i405, i410, i500, i600, i720
Victor VM09, VM13, VM-15, VM-16, VM-93, VM-92
Videocon V1301, V1604, V1305, V1310, V1403, V1420
Vigoo Xpress-Music-K918
Vigy Mini
Vimaxx V88
VirtuV V989
Vitell V222, V717, V708, V720, V222
Voice V-20
Voice-Mobile V31, V51, V45
VS&ME V300
VkMobile VK180
Wailung N82+
Watchphone m810, Q2, Z5000
Wellcom W350, W930, W819, W9339
Wemo T1, T900
Wentto DG699
Widetel WT-T600
W-tide F300
Wynncom Y20
Xcite 415
XDS W890
Xen XN501
Ximax A638
XinBao 2632
Xingtong 5700
Xingya L-08
Xintai T900, T800+, T800I
Xksstel X1, X200, X400, S4-FM, S4, X11, X12
XTelecom X918, X3128, X9128, X9199, x9138
Xttel C3000+, C7000+
Yangfan HK008
Yaxing V800
Yicheer A5899
Yingtai TV2000
Yin-Ma K100
Yxtel E71I, E71i, E88, X88, 5800
Zetel n96y, N82y, N95Y+
Zingtong 5700
Zodia Z55m
Zogo V809
Zoho G700, S5800, S98plus, S859+, V88+, W52, W9, V709, W901
Zoom Z100i
Zt G688, C92+
Zonda 1075, 1085, 1090, 1095, 1095R, 1098, 1099, TF350, TF425, ZMCK865, ZMCK870, ZMEM1120, ZMKN110, ZMTFTTV20, ZMTN600, ZMTN610, ZMTN615, ZMTN815, ZMTN905, ZMUR300
Ztc t58, T118, ZT160, 6688, ZT6199, N82, ZT710, F688, ZT8188, ZT999, T699, N680, A66, ZT2008, N38, ZT868, 777, ZT188, ZT8089, Q530, ZT5188, 528, ZT2988, ZT2989

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