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Acer Android Smartphones


Direct Unlock
Get Unlock Codes
  1. Select "Qualcomm" platform from the tab menu in the upper left side of the software
  2. "Phone model" dropdown box has to be set to "Autodetect"
  3. Go to "Unlock" tab
  4. How to connect different Acer smartphones:
    • Acer E210, E140, E310, E320, E400: Power the phone ON and connect the phone to PC with USB cable
    • Acer S100: Power the phone OFF. Press and hold Vol- and Camera buttons simultaneously and insert USB cable
    • Acer S120: Power the phone OFF. Press and hold Camera and Vol+ keys simultaneously and while holding these buttons, press Power On. The Camera key has two notches, you need to press fully.
  5. Install required Acer USB Driver for your model. Drivers can also be downloaded from the official Acer support page
  6. Select DIAG (Diagnostic) Port in the ports selection tab
  7. Press "Get unlock codes" button
  8. Message "Reading unlock codes… Done" indicates that procedure was completed successfully
  9. Disconnect the handset
    How to enter codes:
    • Turn the phone on with non-original SIM card inserted
    • Phone's menu will pop-up with unlock code request
    • Enter a code that was read by Smart-Clip2 Software

* In case of unknown firmware version detection, the software will suggest unlocking the phone using the heuristic method. Duding the extended heuristic method operation the phone will be restarted, so please wait till the process is completed. In the end of heuristic unlock mode procedure, please send the log file to our support.

Reminder! Before servicing the phone, please make sure that:

  1. You use the latest version of Smart-Clip2 software
  2. Battery charged more than 50%
  3. All the side programs, that may interfere with the phone, are closed
  4. Phone’s cable and device itself should not be disconnected or disturbed until the procedure is fully completed
  5. Connect phone to USB port placed on the backside of PC (motherboard's USB port)
    Do not connect or disconnect other USB cables into the PC during the actual work with the phone
  6. Avoid using any kind of USB HUBs and long USB cables. Use the shortest-length USB cable available.
  7. Phone has stock (factory) firmware version
  8. SIM card is removed

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